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Lakers Rumors: NBA Executives Said Trevor Ariza Is Done Deal


After a rather sluggish start to the seaosn, the Lakers have shown vast improvement of late.

Boasting a record of 17-10 with a 10th place standing in the West, LeBron and the Lakeshow have become a team to fear. And much to the worry of other NBA teams, they may be getting even better.

In a quote by The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, a deal is almost guaranteed to come for the Purple and Gold.

In regards to Trevor Ariza going to the Lakers: I've had a handful of NBA executives tell me that they've heard that it's going to happen, that it's done.

What might the Lakers give up in return?

KCP and a draft pick make a lot of sense. It would help the Suns build for the future while giving them a guy in Pope that could contribute for them now as well.

On the Lakers' side, giving up KCP is no big deal considering his role has been dropping anyway. And with how well Ariza would seemingly fit alongside LeBron, it's seriously a no-brainer.

In the coming days, we'll see if O'Connor's source is reliable.

But even if the rumored deal falls through, we can expect some sort of deal to be made soon, whether it's Ariza or somebody else.