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League Executive Does Not Believe Andrew Wiggins Is Untradeable

(via Deadspin)

(via Deadspin)

24-year-old forwards who average close to 20 points per game for their career are usually among the NBA's most sought-after players. In the case of Andrew Wiggins, that is just not the case.

Coming out of college, Wiggins was one of the most hyped prospects at the time, with comparisons nearing LeBron James level. After being drafted #1 overall by the Cavs in 2014, he was promptly traded to the Timberwolves, where the franchise hoped he would become their next face.

Despite having yet to have a breakout season, Minnesota offered him a supermax extension in 2017 and is due to make upwards of $145 million over the next five years.

Because of his contract, his low work ethic, and inefficient game, Wiggins has failed to generate any interest in the market as of late. But if you ask one anonymous NBA executive, they'll tell you that he isn't completely untradeable...

(via RealGM’s Keith Smith)

“Is he untradeable? No. There is talent there. You can’t score 20 points per game in the NBA without having talent. And the contract is big, but not ridiculous. That said, there is just something missing in his game. I don’t know what it is. If I did, we’d trade for him and try to fix it.”

The exec notes how there is "something missing in his game." That seems accurate. On paper, Wiggins is a pretty decent player for his age, even despite his low shooting numbers.

Yet, besides winning Rookie of the Year in 2015, he hasn't hit any milestones. No All-Star appearances, no All-NBA team selections -- something is holding him back. Is it that mysterious "it" factor that guys like Kobe, MJ, and LeBron molded their identity after? Could it be defense? Wiggins is sorely lacking in that department.

Whatever the case, nobody really knows what the deal is with this kid. And until someone takes the chance and trades for him, we will likely never find out.