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LeBron James May Be Considering Going To The Lakers Because Of These 4 Reasons


With the end of the NBA playoffs in sight, that means the long-awaited offseason is fast approaching, and with several key free agents up for grabs, the week from July 1st onwards is going to be one of the craziest NBA periods we've seen recently.

One of the most high-profile stars hitting the free agent market is none other than LeBron James, whose free agent destination has been speculated upon all season, and rumors will only increase as the Cavaliers edge closer to elimination to the hands of the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Many teams have already thrown their name in the hat to compete for LeBron's services next season, including the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers among others, but one team that has constantly stuck out is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Boasting a large amount of cap space and young, upcoming stars, convincing James to play in Los Angeles should be a piece of cake if he's willing to leave Cleveland for the second time. And according to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, it may be one of the easiest tasks of the offseason for the Lakers.

"Several possible factors in LeBron’s decision-making process have been raised by league sources: a place to raise his family; a place where he will have the best shot at winning more championships; a place where he can begin setting up his post-playing career and dip into the world of entertainment and team ownership.

The Lakers, more than any other team in the league, sit at the nexus of all the reasons LeBron would want to join a franchise."

As of right now, the Lakers can offer the world and more to LeBron. Sunny Californian vibes. An up-and-coming team with loads of potential who are a key free agent signing or two away from jumping into the playoff race in the West. All the opportunity in the world to do whatever he pleases after he retires -- whether that be pursuing an entertainment career in Hollywood, building his already-large media portfolio, or transitioning into an ownership role.

As if Cleveland didn't have it hard enough down two games to zip in the Eastern Conference Finals, they're going to be up against stiff competition in the free agent market to keep their hometown hero.