LeBron's Friend Has Hinted James Will Sign With The Lakers On Twitter

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In only a few short days, the NBA world will know exactly where LeBron James plans to play next season.

As of now, all rumors of LeBron heading to one team or another is purely speculation by the media, and even if all evidence so far is pointing towards James joining a particular team, nothing is set in stone until LeBron puts pen to paper.

LeBron James likes to keep himself and his family tight-lipped about his future, as well as his tight-knit friendship circle, so you're usually not going to hear any words from LeBron's associates about his free agency plans, but that doesn't mean one or two of them may hint at certain destinations.

Twitter user CuffsTheLegend, who is a close friend of LeBron's, posted a set of tweets the other day hinting that James is heading to Los Angeles.


This close friend of LeBron's seems to have a pretty good track record, posting a picture of a LeBron James Cavaliers jersey to Instagram a day before LBJ announced he'd be returning to Cleveland in 2014.

CuffsTheLegend also hinted that Paul George would be heading to LA as well, saying the decision to live in either OKC or Los Angeles is an easy one to make.

Given this guy's relationship with LeBron, these tweets almost trump every other report of LeBron joining other teams this summer. Still, we won't find out for sure until July 1st at the earliest.