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Lakers Could Trade For Taj Gibson, Andre Iguodala In Wake Of Cousins Injury

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

With Cousins now out of the picture for the Lakers, they will have to look towards another player to fill their void in the frontcourt. The team has a number of options in front of them, and among them are two of the most intriguing veterans the league has to offer: Taj Gibson and Andre Iguodala.

“Eventually, the New York Knicks are going to realize that they have too many big men,” wrote CBS Sports‘ Sam Quinn wrote CBS Sports‘ Sam Quinn. “When that happens, Gibson becomes a very intriguing trade piece. The Lakers would need to fold a bit more salary into the deal (with Quinn Cook being the easiest solution), but Gibson is well worth the price.”

Andre Iguodala they will have to trade for...

“If available, Iguodala will be hotly pursued by multiple contenders. The Lakers would hope that his connection to [general manager Rob] Pelinka, who served as Iguodala’s agent for many years before joining the team’s front office, would pay dividends.”

Obviously, either player would bode as good replacements for DeMarcus. Iguodala and Gibson would both provide valuable veteran leadership for the roster, and add an inside scoring threat.

This upcoming campaign, with Anthony Davis and LeBron, L.A. will look to take advantage of their roster by re-modeling their system from the ground up. They will need head-strong individuals from the jump.