Miami Heat Interested In Markelle Fultz, Could Make Trade Before Deadline

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Markelle Fultz

Between Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, there's not much more of the spotlight to be shared these days.

With the trade deadline marked for just a few days ahead, teams are scrambling to improve their roster before the season ends.

In the all the mayhem, we've forgotten about Markelle Fultz, who has ghosted the NBA community lately, After being diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the young guard has been seeking help and working his way back to the court. As for his relationship with the Sixers, they have re-engaged trade talks for him around the league, and there's one particularly interest party that could be on their way to making a deal.

(via Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson)

And as noted by Philly voice, trading Fultz now puts them in the best position going forward.

“Holding onto Fultz (and thus, your most logical trade chip) through the deadline banks on your current roster plus buyout targets to give you the boost down the stretch,” the report noted. “The Sixers are unlikely to get a boost as big as the one they got from Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova on the buyout market this season, and betting that they’ll get it from Fultz, given the history here, seems even more unlikely.”

Fultz is a very unpredictable prospect right now, and it'll be interesting to see if Miami can help get him back on track. And if they do resurrect his career, Fultz could be the key to Miami regaining a foothold in the East.

But they've got to take the chance. Besides, what have they really got to lose?