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NBA Analyst Reveals What The Heat Would Have To Give Up In Bradley Beal Trade



Bradley Beal has been the prize of the summer. As his name has been thrown in the rumor mill, teams and GM's around the league have done their due diligence in gauging his availability.

One such team is the Miami Heat who, after signing Jimmy Butler this past July, are looking to acquire some additional star-power. But what will it take to get that type of deal done?

According to Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, the price will be steep.

“While Washington has him under contract for two more seasons, waiting can be a dangerous game. If he ever demands a trade, the Wizards would lose leverage instantly. If they take this to the wire, they would risk losing him for nothing. So if Washington becomes open to a deal at some point, Miami must be prepared to put everything on the table.”

If Miami is serious about trading for Beal, they have to be willing to trade just about anyone to get him.

Right now, Beal's trade value is still at its peak. Not only will the Wizards demand everything, but the Heat are having to compete with other teams on the trade market.

It will take a big haul, and a lot of sacrifices, but the key to capitalizing on Miami's future rests in Bradley Beal. If they are willing to pay that price, it will set them up for the next few years to come.