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NBA Buzz: The Latest On Paul George And OKC, LeBron James' Free Agency, And Possible Anthony Davis Trade


Time changes everything. A few months ago, almost all of us were hailing OKC as the new challengers to the Warriors' throne, while tossing teams like Indiana, New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit aside. Back then, none of us knew that LeBron James would be in the middle of perhaps the best season of his career, and almost nobody predicted that Victor Oladipo would make a case for Most Improved Player.

But here we are, with 2017 drawing to a close, and the season has given us so much to think about. Still, as time has a habit of doing, things could continue to change before it's all said and done. With multiple stars connected to some serious rumors, the league could be on the verge of some explosive changes...

Paul George, OKC, Not Ready To Give Up

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When Thunder GM Sam Presti brought this "Big Three" together, this is certainly not what he had in mind. At 15-15, Oklahoma City sits at the 8th spot in the West, struggling to find consistency all season long. All three stars are shooting career-lows in field goal percentage, and neither of the three looks particularly comfortable playing on the floor with everyone else.

Even with that reality, however, the Thunder seem content on seeing this experiment through -- even if it means they risk losing Paul George for nothing. As league sources indicate, the team has shown no inclination to entertain trade discussions. Still, it probably wouldn't work if PG wasn't fully committed either. Fortunately for them, though, he is. Or, at least, he's acting like he is.

"We're going to turn this season around and we're going to start playing the right way," he told Bleacher Report. "I'm sure late in the season, in April and May, we'll be happy where we're at."

With the walls closing in around them, the Thunder still have one big ally on their side: time. So long as there's time to pull this thing together, there's hope that they won't lose everything they sacrificed so hard to get last summer.

Lakers A "Long Shot" For LeBron James?


The decision, and the one that came four years after it, rocked the basketball world like nothing else before. While it proved that LeBron James was eager to win, it also proved that LeBron would go anywhere to do it. And with The King's impending Free Agency once again on the horizon, it has us all wondering what he'll do next.

While the Cavs are still the favorites, for the usual reasons, talks around the association were starting to indicate that he may be looking the Lakers. Now, though, that's been almost ruled out completely, as reported by Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne.

And, to be frank, that's about all anyone knows about the situation. The only thing we can say for sure? LeBron likes to win. Take that however you want, but it sounds an awful lot like James is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Celtics Still Savoring Anthony Davis


Despite how well the Celtics have played this season, they apparently are still not completely satisfied.

Boston has coveted Anthony Davis for a long while, with reports of their interest going back several seasons. With the Pels faltering, and Boston still having the assets to make it work, an AD trade is still not out of the question.

Nobody knows when, or if, the Pelicans would be open to hearing some offers for the big man, but Adrian Wojnarowski reports several teams are obsessed with the thought of pursuing him. As the season continues to develop, New Orleans could be ready to hit the "reset" button if things don't fail to improve.