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NBA Exec Suggests The Thunder Should Acquire Kevin Love


Trade season is nearing its prime, and a few players are the talk of the town. Despite still working his way back from injury, Kevin Love is one of those players.

So far, not much has been made about his potential availability aside from a few supposedly interested parties. In a quote by one NBA executive to Ken Berger of Bleacher Report, however, he notes one team, in particular, that could benefit from the services of Love.

“The Thunder already have committed to being a tax team, and they have a defined window to get the most out of Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Adding to the intrigue, Westbrook and Love were teammates at UCLA. The Thunder also have a defensive-minded center, Steven Adams, which could make it easier to hide Love defensively at power forward.”

It could totally work. Russ and Love already have chemistry from their days at UCLA. Plus, acquiring the big man would help the team improve from beyond the arc as well.

Only concern is whether or not the team has enough to trade for him. Even if they do, are they ready to pay the steep luxury tax bill that's sure to follow? The answer is likely no, especially because the Thunder haven't been playing poorly.

Still, it's an idea they could always revisit if they ever feel in need of a serious change-up.