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NBA Executives Say The Warriors Could Trade Draymond Green

(via Blazer's Edge)

(via Blazer's Edge)

Draymond Green may not be the best player on the Warriors, but he certainly is one of the most important. His spirit, attitude, and work ethic have been vital to the team since their run began in 2014.

But with so much uncertainty clouding their future, rumor has it they could be preparing to move on from the All-NBA defensive talent.

(via Bleacher Report)

Several executives consider moving Green as something the Warriors should at least consider, whether it is for a proven talent or a potential one.

“He’s [30], he’s going to get a lot of money and his mouth continues to move,” one source told Bucher. An East GM surmised that the Warriors “could probably get another lottery pick” for Green. Another executive went as far as to say, “the Draymond Green trick is over.”

"He's [30], he's going to get a lot of money and his mouth continues to move," the Eastern Conference talent evaluator says.

"They could probably get another lottery pick for Draymond," the Eastern Conference GM says.

Adds the Western Conference executive, "The Draymond Green trick is over."

Draymond is a very valuable asset in today's NBA. As one of the best defenders in the NBA, he also produces on the offensive end as well, especially when distributing to teammates. He averaged 6.2 assists this past season.

But he is already on the wrong side of 30 and, as it stands, he is the most expendable member of the Warrior's core.

If the team feels a change is imminent, he could be the first to go. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the weeks and months to come.