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NBA Executives Think Russell Westbrook To Heat Is An ‘Inevitability’

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Russell Westbrook's days in OKC are numbered, and any NBA executive in the league will admit it. What they will also admit is that the Heat are very much in the lead to land him, depsite having a few hesitations about their offer.

“I think Miami is the only place that makes any sense,” Tim Bontemps said as part of the roundtable. “People around the league consider it an inevitability that he will wind up there at this point, too,” he added.

With the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, Miami went from slow rebuilders to potential Eastern contender. Butler on his own is not enough to beat the likes of Brooklyn, Philly, or Milwaukee, but pairing him with Westbrook might just be enough to compete.

Unfortunately, the franchise has been reluctant to include Tyler Herro in any deal, a prospect deemed to be a deal breaker in any potential deal with the Thunder.

If Miami is willing to pay the price, it is likely where Westbrook would land. They have the assets, they have Russ' support, and they have an eager, hungry star in Jimmy Butler who wants a running mate.

It will be up to Pat Riley and the Heat front office to decide if it is worth the price.