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NBA Fans Like The 4-Team Trade Idea: Terry Rozier And Bojan Bogdanovic To The Lakers, Russell Westbrook To The Knicks, Julius Randle To The Hornets

NBA Fans Like The 4-Team Trade Idea: Terry Rozier And Bojan Bogdanovic To The Lakers, Russell Westbrook To The Knicks, Julius Randle To The Hornets

The 2022-23 NBA season is all set to begin in less than a month. With the training camp approaching soon, most organizations have already gathered a roster of players they want to enter the new season.

The training camp will only help in polishing the roster and making minimal changes. While that should be the case for every team in the NBA, it's not for a few. One of them is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have acquired way too many guards, and it has led to fans wondering if they have an ulterior motive behind those movies. It has been no secret that the team wants to trade Russell Westbrook. So it could mean that the Lakers are preparing to trade Russ.

A 4-Team Trade Could Help The Lakers Ship Off Russell Westbrook

With each passing day, it has become obvious that the Lakers wouldn't be able to trade Russ with a lone NBA franchise. The Purple and Gold have already offered Westbrook to at least five teams but haven't gotten any desirable results.

If the Lakers really want to trade Russ, then they need to take part in a multi-team trade. On that note, the Instagram page 'mocktrades' recently suggested a 4-team trade between the Lakers, the Jazz, the Knicks, and the Hornets.

Usually, the Instagram page has been berated by fans for suggesting unrealistic trades. However, this time around, fans actually gave a positive response to the page's mock trade.

tflo.priv: Everyone wins this one tbh.

yeahrell: This is a very good trade for all teams for real, especially for the Lakers and Knicks; I actually can see Randle fitting well next to Lamelo too.

deepmindprice: Would be great for the lakers if they can pull it off.

keithpell23: Hmm very interesting- each team benefits it seems.

traytronn: Lakers just got Dennis why would they need Terry too?

ace_n_denim: Why would knicks trade two good players in even and cam plus randle for Westbrook?

_el.jefe: This makes no sense for NY to just help the lakers like this 😂 they trading all those players and picks for Westbrook? Yea right.

mo_2_da: I like that LA and Charlotte squad.

brkfstx: All teams benefit but Randle and Westbrook mess up Lamelo and Barrett's development.

liveloveneezy: Would love Cam on the Lakers but this is solid. This or that buddy turner trade works well.

daniel.mcgradty: Knicks probs should get some picks n then it would work.

hardwood_hangout: Honestly everyone wins this when it’s all said and done I think Utah with that lakers pick because in 2027 who knows where that pick will land.

The biggest issue with this mock trade is the fact that the Lakers already have a lot of guards on the roster.

Adding more guards to it won't make any sense for the Purple and Gold. Instead, they will most likely focus on getting a quality center before the new season starts. Otherwise, it will force AD to play the role of center, and once again, it will skyrocket the risk of him getting injured.