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NBA Fans React To Ridiculous Trade Idea Between The Lakers And Celtics: “LeBron And AD For Jayson Tatum Is Madness."

NBA Fans React To Ridiculous Trade Idea Between The Lakers And Celtics: “LeBron And AD For Jayson Tatum Is Madness."

Jayson Tatum is one of the brightest stars in the NBA right now. The Boston Celtics forward proved his worth by carrying his team to the 2022 NBA Finals this season. As of now, the series is drawn at 1-1 against the Golden State Warriors, so it can go either way.

If Tatum can win a ring for the Celtics, well and good, but if he fails to do so, his future with the franchise might be in jeopardy. Keeping that in mind, many are already talking about potential teams that could be a perfect landing spot for Tatum.

While it might sound surprising, the Los Angeles Lakers will probably be at the top of the list for Tatum if he indeed wants to get out of Boston. It's quite obvious since he has been quite vocal about being a lifelong Kobe Bryant and Lakers fan.

Anyway, as of now, there is no confirmation about Tatum's future with the Celtics whatsoever. Despite that, an Instagram page called "mocktrades" has suggested a ridiculous trade that will send JT to the Purple & Gold. In a recent post, the IG page has suggested a trade between the Lakers and the Celtics for Tatum in exchange for LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

NBA fans were certainly bewildered upon seeing this trade idea. They made sure to share their views about it in the comments section of the above-mentioned Instagram post:

lowkey_james19: "All I know is bron ad n brown gonna be a huge problem in the east 😭."

2trillsports: "Celtics win the trade by a landslide. I honestly don’t think Tatum with that lakers roster makes much of a difference."

leaguerumors: "Tatum will probably retire in LA if he goes there."

greeneteam22: "Tatum is good but relax lmao Lakers would be dumb af to make this trade."

thejakecrandall: "How does that even work in Boston. They’d have no money for even vet minimum players."

arryanthaura: "Bron and AD will buy out and back to Lakers."

flippincory: "Would be insane could this actually work? Would free up a lot of space for LA to land another star, Russ still needa go tho."

fernando2gpadilla: "Lebron dont like the Celtics lol it wont happen unfortunately."

manzocfc: "No way, AD & LBJ for only Tatum is madness."

dazdarren236: "Salaries don’t even match😂."

_tahim323: "This is the stupidest thing I ever since lmaoo."

diegomer13: "Why would the Celtics accept that? Their current roster has already proved that it can make to the finals and might win them."

As made abundantly clear by most fans, there is no way this trade is happening right now. Apart from it being unrealistic, the salaries do not even match.

Moreover, if Tatum really wants to play for the Lakers to fulfill his dream, he can simply wait a while to become a free agent and then join the Lakers. Regardless, as of now, this is nothing but a rumor and we hope it stays that way.