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NBA Free Agency 2017: Top 4 Destinations for Steph Curry

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It's most certain Steph Curry is going to re-sign with the Warriors this upcoming offseason, in an interview with SportingNews Steph expressed "As I am thinking right now, an organization I'm playing for, and the Bay Area is home for me and my family,". For the Warriors, though it's going to get pretty expensive trying to retain him.

According to the Business Insider, he could get a 5-year contract potentially worth $207 million. The 2 time MVP is averaging 24.8 PPG / 4.3 REB / 6.3 AST / 1.7 STL while shooting 40% from 3P. If he were to go to another team in Free Agency he would get far less, about $135 million for 4 years. If he were willing to give up on $72 million and listen to suitors and sign elsewhere, here are some of the best options.

Indiana Pacers (Unbelievable Option)

Paul George is not happy and he's voiced it. What if Larry Bird has a great pitch for Curry, so good he convinces Steph to sign in Indy? Could that be enough for PG13 to stay? George is an established Superstar and this year has been no different as he's averaging 21.7 PPG / 6.2 REB / 3.3 AST.

Adding another Superstar would add not only excitement but make the Pacers a real threatening contender in the East. The Pacers would need to move Teague to the bench giving the Pacers depth.

New Orleans Pelicans (The Big Three)

They traded big on the day of the All-Star game landing DeMarcus Cousins giving them the best 1-2 front court in the NBA., but what if they can land the shifty shooter, how loaded would this team be? The Pelicans are in obvious need of another Shot creator / Point Guard / Scorer and having Curry would give them that and more.

A potential addition of 24-30 PPG to go with A.D. 28 PPG and Boogie's 27 PPG would greatly increase their win probably. A night of 3 point shooting, inside out basketball center to center and the threat of Curry spreading the floor even more, would be so nice!

New York Knicks (Big Market)

Not only would Steph get into the biggest market in the World, but would also substitute the loss of wages by signing a lesser contract with better endorsement deals. He could potentially be the face and revitalization of this disastrous franchise and how nice would it look having the Rookie rising Center Kristaps and a lock down shooter who both can go inside out while having a still relevant and good shooter in Carmelo, now that looks like a decent and strong Big 3.

When it comes to re-signing Derrick Rose or Curry I don't think there will be much of a thought.

Charlotte Hornets (Hometown)

The big pitch would have to include having the accessibility to Michael Jordan. The Hornets are not that bad of a franchise (26-34) with Batum (15.1 / 7 / 5.9) and Kemba (22.8 / 4.1 / 5.4) leading the pack, adding Curry could significantly improve this franchise by heading back to where he grew up. The Hornets could have a potential problem with Kemba Walker, which has 2 options.

Play off the bench OR trade him for a couple valuable assets, and trading him won't be too difficult, Lot's of teams out there need a good Point Guard.


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