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NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Best Destinations For DeMarcus Cousins

NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Best Destinations For DeMarcus Cousins

With the offseason just around the corner, all teams are already wondering how on earth can they try and compete with the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics for years to come, writing down a lot of names on their respective agendas.

This year’s free agency features several exciting names, highlighted by LeBron James and Paul George, mostly because they tend to forget about one big guy that was balling lights out before his season-ending injury: DeMarcus Cousins.

Truth to be told, Cousins is one major free agent for the season, as not all franchises are going to be willing to make a max offer to such a high risk-high reward player with a history of having a hard character.
Even though, with the kind of season he was having and his already proven skill set, he’s definitely worth the risk, but where could he thrive the most? Let’s take a look at the top 5 destinations for Boogie.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been interested in DeMarcus Cousins for a very long time and the time may finally come where they land him in order to play next to Kevin Love, something that would definitely help convince LeBron James to stay put at The Land.

Cousins would finally make his long-awaited playoff debut, play next to the best player in the NBA and wouldn’t have to single-handedly carry the load, and he’s the dominant rebounder they have needed so much down low.

Cleveland Cavaliers need to clean the salary cap if they want to offer a contract to DeMarcus Cousins and that will be a big challenge for them.

4. Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards are set to go through some major roster changes during the summer, as their franchise player John Wall has already stated that they need “athletic bigs”, so Marcin Gortat and Ian Mahinmi are pretty much a lock to be heading out the door.

Cousins would be a major addition for a team that has craved a third scoring option next to Beal and Wall for years, and he’d have a much easier path to the Finals in the Eastern Conference, as well as being perfectly suited for the up-tempo kind of offense John Wall enjoys playing.

3. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are reportedly keen to make a huge push for Clint Capela during the summer, but with the Rockets likely to keep him at all costs, they could definitely turn to DeMarcus Cousins to fix their well-known frontcourt problems.

With Cousins on board, they would have a terrific core in Payton, Booker, Jackson and Warren next to him, as well as a top 5 Draft pick and a lot of cap space to finally turn things around in the desert.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are in no position to compete right away, but they’ve made it clear that they intend to make a huge push for top-tier free agents during the summer, such as Paul George, LeBron James and obviously, DeMarcus Cousins.

The Lakers have a terrific young core in Kuzma, Ball and Ingram; so adding Cousins to the mix would put them once again in playoff contention, not to mention the fact that Boogie would be the ultimate leader in one of the world’s biggest markets.

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1. New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans seem like a lock to make a decent offer for him, but they’re also likely not to offer him the max in order to try and get more role players and improve their already impressive roster for the upcoming season.

Alvin Gentry definitely got the most out of Boogie Cousins this year as he was posting MVP caliber numbers all year long, so if they manage to keep both him and Rondo and surround him with shooters off the bench, they could be major contenders for at least a top 4th seed in the West and perhaps even a shot at the WCF.