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NBA Insider Provides Crucial Update On The Warriors' Pursuit Of Kevin Durant, Says Jordan Poole Could Be Centerpiece Of A Deal

Kevin Durant

Just a few years after watching Kevin Durant walk out the door, the Golden State Warriors find themselves pondering the possibility of his return.

The truth is, they have the most assets to offer in any trade for KD, and both sides are apparently open to a reunion.

Unfortunately, the Warriors and Nets are still far apart on securing a deal, despite revealing Jordan Poole as a name that was thrown around in preliminary talks.

(via Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report):

And while Poole has been rumored as a potential piece in a theoretical Warriors trade package to land Durant, there has been little traction between Golden State and Brooklyn on such a blockbuster transaction, sources said. Despite the apparent openness—both from Warriors veterans and Durant himself—regarding a superstar reunion in the Bay, Golden State has not been categorized as a team that’s made serious overtures to pry Durant from Barclays Center.

The price for Durant is sky-high right now, and it's the right move for Brooklyn. After Utah got five picks for Rudy Gobert, the Nets would be crazy to move off of Durant for sticks and stones.

The question is, who is going to pay such a premium price for a guy who still has so much to prove? It's no secret that the market has dried up significantly, as teams just aren't willing to gut their roster.

Still, the Dubs are a realistic player in all of this and could come out as the ultimate winners if they can get Durant and keep their core intact.

“There’s legitimate sources in the league telling me that it’s a discussion,” Brian Windhorst said on the KD sweepstakes. “First off, the Warriors always believe in open throttle. The Warriors have shown they don’t care what they spend. … This has been a discussion inside the Warriors organization. [Stephen] Curry’s been asked about it, and Curry gave a nonanswer. But he didn’t shut it down. He didn’t say ‘hell no.'”

If the Dubs do decide to make a move for KD, it will likely come at the cost of Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, who were huge for the team this season.

Needless to say, if the Warriors want Durant, it will require some significant sacrifices -- and it's probably why they haven't made a move yet. But it doesn't mean you should shut the door on that possibility entirely.