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NBA Insider Reveals The Package That Brooklyn Nets Asked For Kevin Durant

NBA Insider Reveals The Package That Brooklyn Nets Asked For Kevin Durant

It has been almost a week since 2x NBA champion Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. He spent three seasons with the franchise before deciding it was time to take his talents elsewhere.

If KD gets traded this offseason, it will unarguably be the most valuable trade package that we have ever seen. After all, he is one of the best players in NBA history and still has plenty of fuel left in his tank.

The Brooklyn Nets are aware of it. But since the organization is stepping foot into uncharted waters, it has become very difficult for them to find a trade that would be equal to the value of what KD has to offer.

Although Durant has named the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as his preferred destinations, the Nets aren't impressed with their trade packages. As a result, it has opened up a path for other NBA franchises to offer trade packages as well.

The New Orleans Pelicans became the latest to enter the race to trade for Durant. But any trade that could take place between the two teams would require Brandon Ingram to be included in the deal.

NBA insider "Scoop B" Robinson has provided a scoop that reveals the Pelicans are reluctant to include Ingram in the deal. But the intel also revealed what the potential price for Kevin Durant could be.

"Pelicans are reluctant to give up Brandon Ingram in any deals. I’m told that the Nets have inquired on Ingram, Nance & picks. If I’m Brooklyn, I’d want to meet with Durant to see if he was on board coming to Nola."

This tweet by Scoop B reveals that the Nets might agree to a deal that features Ingram, Nance, and a bunch of picks. We are guessing the number of picks would be at least three or more. Robinson also shed light on what the Pelicans have in mind for this potential trade.

"IF it’s doable: From what I’ve been told: Pelicans would rather do a deal centered around a multitude of draft picks. Their own plus the Bucks and Lakers ones they still have."

Similar to other NBA franchises, the Pelicans want to protect their assets as well. Brandon Ingram is a good player and they'd rather keep him.

Anyway, at this point in time, this trade is still hypothetical. Because a player of Kevin Durant's caliber most probably won't be interested in playing for the Pelicans. But maybe Zion Williamson's presence on the roster might entice KD enough to get on board?