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NBA Most Important Trade Rumors: Kevin Love, Kristaps Porzingis And Brandon Ingram

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

With the Trade Deadline approaching fast and contenders attempting to add key pieces to their squad, the trade rumors have vastly increased.

In the last few days, we have so many NBA trade rumors and it will be very interesting how will be traded until the February deadline.

Yesterday, we published the Spurs want Kristaps Porzingis, while Charlotte Hornets and Dallas Mavericks could get Kevin Love.

Spurs Have ‘Significant Interest’ In Kristaps Porzingis

5 Moves The New York Knicks Should Make This Summer Porzingis

According to Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, the Spurs are attempting to add Kristaps Porzingis.

O’Conner also had this to say:

“The Spurs are also viewed as a team with significant interest in Porzingis, according to league front office sources, though it’d be difficult for San Antonio to create enough cap space this summer.”

The San Antonio Spurs who are currently on a hot streak, are looking to add another star to their roster. The Spurs are reportedly eyeing New York Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis, and we could potentially see another big 3.

Kevin Love Could Potentially Be Traded


According to Amico Hoops, Kevin Love could potentially be on the move and he could reportedly be headed to Dallas or Charlotte.

Amico Sports had this to say about Love potentially being traded:

"Cavaliers' general manager Koby Altman isn’t yet entertaining offers for All-Star power forward Kevin Love, but Altman can expect the phone to start ringing soon.

According to several Amico Hoops sources, both the Charlotte Hornets and Dallas Mavericks have a fairly strong interest in Love, who’s appeared in just four games this season... But for opposing teams looking to upgrade the roster, it’s not about how many games Love hasn’t played. They’re thinking about the future."

It’ll be interesting to see where Kevin Love lands, but the move seems unlikely to occur right now with Kevin Love being out.

Jimmy Butler And Philadelphia Sixers Have A Problem


Jimmy Butler and drama don’t seem to far off and that could cause the superstar to be moved again. Jimmy Butler challenged head coach Brett Brown and that caused other teams to take notice and even some made calls.

According to Yaron Weitzman from Bleacher Report:

“That microscope doesn’t just come from the media, but also opposing front office,” writes Bleacher Report’s Yaron Weitzman. “An opposing team has already called to ask if this latest blowup means Butler might be on the market, according to league sources. This, as rumors swirl around NBA circles that the Sixers, spooked that Butler will bolt when he becomes a free agent this summer, are contemplating dealing Butler before the trade deadline. The team has never considered dealing Butler, according to league sources. But it’s worth noting that the vultures around the NBA, often willing and eager to sow discord, have emerged. “

Butler and the 76ers could soon part ways, but Brett Brown has tried to die down the talks and said he felt like the move was not disrespectful.

Brandon Ingram Continues To Be Involved In Trade Talks


The Lakers could potentially be looking to shop another young member of their roster and it looks like it could be Brandon Ingram.

According to Eric Pincus from the Bleacher Report:

Ingram’s lack of consistency and outside shot is problematic for a team with serious championship aspirations after it lured James over the summer,”

Whether or not Ingram is an ideal fit next to James stylistically, the bigger issue may be financial as the Lakers search to add a second star.

Ingram could soon be on the move and one of the trades he’s been rumored in is for Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis.

Enes Kanter Is Rumored To Be On The Move


New York Knicks center Enes Kanter was recently benched and it looks like the Knicks are attempting to shop the center.

There have been five rumored destinations for Enes Kanter and those rumored destinations are Houston, Philadelphia, Portland, Oklahoma City, and Golden State.

Enes Kanter can be a huge addition for any contender and we will see if he is shopped before the deadline.

Today, Wojnarowski reported that Sacramento Kings want Enes Kanter.

The Washington Wizards Are Attempting To Shop Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal Could Become A Superstar Without John Wall

Washington Wizards SG Bradley Beal has been rumored to be on the move and we could potentially see the superstar SG dealt before the deadline.

According to Sean Deveney of Sports News, the Washington Wizards are asking for two players and two drafts in exchange for Beal.

One of the rumored destinations is Toronto and Sean Deveney had this to say:

There’s been chatter about the Raptors pursuing Wizards guard Bradley Beal, but Washington wants two players and two draft picks for him, according to sources.

That would cost the team budding star Pascal Siakam and wing OG Anunoby, plus some filler salary and two future first-round draft picks.

The Raptors already owe this year’s pick to the Spurs, and they would have to persuade Washington to take a pick as far out as 2023.

Another rumored destination for the superstar is New Orleans where he could versatility and scoring to the Pelicans backcourt.