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NBA Rumors: 10 Young Stars That Could Be Traded This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

While many NBA fans will be focused on the NBA's top stars moving teams, there are a variety of young stars that will most likely be on the move.

While it does not make sense, in theory, to trade young players when they have shown potential to be stars, sometimes different circumstances dictate a young players future. For many of the NBA's too young stars, these can include lack of opportunity or simply an inability to make an impact on their current teams.

Even though these young players can be the future of the league, they will be most likely finding new homes this NBA season. Here are the best young players most likely to be moved.

10. Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr. is a high-flyer with the potential to be an effective two-way player at the forward position. Jones has the size and athleticism to score, and needs to be in an environment where he can be molded into a better player. Especially defensively, Jones has a ways to go to be a full-time starter in the league.

Jones will be an exciting addition to any team thanks to his incredible athleticism and flashy dunks, and we might even see him in the dunk contest this year.

9. Josh Okogie

Josh Okogie

Okogie made a name for himself at the end of last year when he began to make an impact on the offensive end. He has shown the ability to be an energizer on the floor, and score the ball when the opportunity presents itself.

Okogie also has the potential to be a two-way player, and Minnesota might be looking to move him to make room for Jarrett Culver. If Culver can make an immediate impact for the Wolves, Okogie is most likely to be moved.

8. Dante Exum

Dante Exum jazz

Dante Exum has seemingly been in the league for a while now, and the Jazz have been very patient with his development. Exum had the size to be a very impactful defensive player, although his offensive game never truly develop until this point.

Even though Exum is still young, the Jazz might be giving up on his development since they officially have a legitimate point guard in Michael Conley. Exum still has a very high ceiling, so teams will certainly be interested.

7. Frank Ntilikina


The young Knicks guard was a surprising pick in the Draft a few years ago. While many hoped that he would turn out like Porzingis did, he has not been able to make any sort of impact in New York.

Ntilikina is a stout defense player, who offers very little on the offensive end. When analyzing his impact on the court, he does not seem to be a starter. A change of scenery will probably do him good, and a team in need of young players will certainly give him the opportunity to step away from the New York spotlight and develop.

6. Mo Bamba

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Bamba was quite an impactful player for the Magic last season, thanks to his size and athleticism. He has a very high ceiling, and could one day be a factor on both ends of the floor. The Magic, however, might have other plans.

After re-signing Vucevic to a max contract, the Magic are not in desperate need of big men. Actually, they need wing players and guards who can score from the perimeter. Moving Bamba for a scoring perimeter player seems to be in the Magic's best interest.

5. Kris Dunn

(via Chicago Tribune)

(via Chicago Tribune)

Kris Dunn fully manned the starting job for the Bulls last year, but this will likely change this season. Even though Dunn showed some promise, with an improved outside jumper and respectable defensive tenacity, he has not shown the skill set to be a leader of the Bull's long-term vision.

Teams in need of a point guard will look at Dunn's defense and wonder if he can actually be a player that can be a legitimate starter in the league. If Dunn finds himself on the bench a lot this season, he will probably be moved.

4. Justise Winslow


Justise Winslow came into the league as a big-bodied, strong defensive player who can guard many positions. While he has shown that over the course of the past few seasons, Winslow has not made any real impact just yet. He has an improving jumper, and he has shown the desire to be a strong playmaker as well.

The Heat will probably want a shot at going deep into the playoffs this season, thanks to the signing of Jimmy Butler, and Winslow is the most attractive trade piece they currently possess. Winslow can certainly be included in a trade package for a guy like Bradley Beal, and the Heat might see themselves as a threat in the Eastern Conference again.

3. Wendell Carter Jr

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

While Carter Jr certainly has a lot of potential, he has slightly underwhelmed this past season. Carter Jr showed signs of promise but is still very raw and questions about his true ceiling are coming up.

Carter Jr still has a ways to go before we can fully judge him as a player, but last season seemed to disappoint the Bulls front office a bit. If the Bulls want to accelerate the rebuild, Cater can certainly be an attractive trade piece.

2. Buddy Hield

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Buddy Hield, barring any signed extension, is one of the most sought-out players in the coming offseason. His sharpshooting and ability to handle the ball will come in great handy for any team looking for an upgrade at the shooting guard position.

Hield made it clear that he wants to play for a team that wants him and desires his services, and an added max contract will certainly make him consider any team. If the Kings fear that he won't re-sign, he might be moved this season.

1. Andrew Wiggins


Lastly, Wiggins has the most promise out of all the young players on this list thanks to his almost freakish athleticism and scoring ability. Wiggins, despite being in the league for a few years now, still has a developing outside shot and seems to prefer scoring the ball when he attacks the rim or pulls up from mid-range.

Wiggins has the potential to be an All-Star, and he might one day average 25 points a game if his outside shot improves. Not to mention, Wiggins can be an absolute beast on the defensive end. His ability to move his feet and stick with defenders thanks to his length is a very key attribute.

While Wiggins is a good player at the moment, questions about his attitude and desire to be great will probably be enough for the Wolves to move him this season.


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