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NBA Rumors: 4 Best Trade Packages For Kyle Lowry

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Kyle Lowry was the point guard for the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors last season. After bouncing around the league for so long, he found a team where he can flourish with the Raptors. Lowry has become a better player every year, adding a very effective deep-range jumper to a game that was predicated on hustle, toughness, and strong playmaking.

In fact, Lowry's leadership was one of the main factors that helped the Raptors defeat the Warriors in the Finals.

With the loss of Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors might be looking to shed heavy salaries and possibly build around younger players. Moving Lowry or a strong trade package might be in the cards for the Raptors, and here are the packages that they should accept.

1. Miami Heat

Trade Package: Goran Dragic (exp. contract), Justise Winslow, First Round Pick

The Miami Heat seem to be fed up with mediocrity and want to build a top team in the Eastern Conference. After adding Jimmy Butler and trading away Hassan Whiteside, they seem to be building a culture around hard work and dedication. Lowry certainly fits that mold.

Not to mention, the Heat will add another All-Star to pair up with Jimmy Butler and possibly make a case for a top 4 seed in the East. With only a few teams competing for an Eastern Conference crown, now is the best time to go all in. Lowry over Dragic is an upgrade at the position in most areas, including championship pedigree.

For the Raptors, they will receive a bright young player in Winslow who seems to have a ton of unlocked potential. Winslow is a great defender and improving outside shooter with lots of potentials to become a star. Dragic is also on an expiring contract, and the Raptors can clear the books with this trade as well.

2. Detroit Pistons

Trade Package: Reggie Jackson (exp. contract), Thon Maker, Langston Galloway (exp. contract), Two First Round Picks

The Pistons seemed to do the right thing when they traded for Blake Griffin, and pair him alongside Andre Drummond. Star power wings games and the Pistons were much more formidable with the trade. But still, perimeter players and guards ultimately provide the extra quality that teams need to be among the top contenders in their respective conferences. Lowry, Griffin, and Drummond would be very exciting to watch and could bring a lot of toughness and energy to the court together.

Lowrys leadership, paired with Griffin's offense and Drummond's defense would make the Pistons a top 5 seed in the East at the very least.

For Toronto, they would receive two expiring contracts, two first-round picks, and a bright young center in Thon Maker who has still not lived up to his hype. Maker is a stretch big who has the tools to defend well but still needs to put on more size and gain more experience under his belt. If Toronto wants to rebuild, adding two first-round picks and plenty of cap space is the way to go.

3. Dallas Mavericks

Trade Package: Courtney Lee (exp. contract), Seth Curry, Jalen Brunson, First Round Pick, Second Round Pick

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the most exciting teams in the league, thanks to the additions of Luka Doncic via the draft and Kristaps Porzingis via trade. GM Mark Cuban is known to go big or go home, and adding a Championship-level player in Lowry would make the Mavs a real threat in the West. A Big 3 with Porzingis, Doncic, and Lowry is a great way to build a winning team with star quality.

For Toronto, they would be accepting an expiring contract in Lee, along with a very valuable first-round pick. Brunson is also an intriguing player who played quite a few minutes last season as well. Toronto might want to ship Lowry out West, and the Mavs can be a nice destination for a decent trade package.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

Trade Package: Andrew Wiggins

Finally, the Raptors might prefer the Timberwolves package among all the rest. While Lowry is a very good player and point guard, Wiggins has the potential to become a superstar thanks to his athletic ability which can impact the game on both ends of the floor. Grabbing Wiggins and building around him and Siakam would make them a legitimate team for the future.

If the Raptors do not want to risk it all this year, and they might not, Wiggins is an excellent piece to kickstart the Raptor's future.

Toronto Raptors need to include at least first-round pick and Kyle Lowry for Andrew Wiggins.

For Minnesota, they might be on the lookout for leaders and veterans who can help KAT become the best player he can be. At the same time, Lowry's toughness and championship experience will rub off on KAT and possibly shake the image that he lacks a killer instinct. It would be interesting to see if the Wolves pull this off, in order to set a tone of winning.


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