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NBA Rumors: 4 Players The Spurs Must Trade As Soon As Possible

NBA Rumors: 4 Players The Spurs Must Trade As Soon As Possible

The San Antonio Spurs Dynasty basically came to an end when the Big Three of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili retired and Kawhi Leonard requested a trade.

This is especially a shame because Leonard was supposed to be the man to lead the Spurs to Finals Appearances down the line. After all, the team right now has strong role players but not the superstar quality players needed to be the first option.

LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan are good players but are not capable of influencing the modern era of play because they are limited defensively and do not score well from the three-point line. As a result, the Spurs have not had any success with the two stars leading the charge.

The Spurs should certainly need to rebuild, and here are the four players the Spurs need to move as soon as possible.

Patty Mills - 2021 Free Agent

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Mills is the perfect backup point guard since he can run an offense well and can get very hot from the perimeter. He is also a high character guy and it is no wonder why the Spurs and especially Gregg Popovich have stuck by him for so long.

Mills is a free agent next year and can probably get a nice offer on the table for a team looking for three-point shooting and plenty of experience at the point guard spot. Instead of losing him for nothing, the Spurs should trade him as soon as possible.

Rudy Gay - 2021 Free Agent

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gay should have had a better career since he is very athletically gifted and is a capable scorer. Unfortunately, injuries hampered his career and he is now a role player who can produce big nights every so often.

Gay is averaging 10.0 PPG on 44.2% shooting this season, so the Spurs probably won't want to hold onto another inefficient three-point shooter who needs a lot of shots to find his rhythm.

Gay also seems to be a high character guy, and that is why the Spurs have given him a chance, but it might be best for both parties to move on.

LaMarcus Aldridge - 2021 Free Agent

LaMarcus Aldridge

Expected to be the All-Star player that thrived next to Kawhi Leonard, Aldridge has not lived up to expectations especially after Leonard left. While he is no slouch at all on the offensive end, averaging 18.9 PPG this season, he is capable of so much more considering his talent at scoring the ball.

In many ways, it is a shame that he left the Trail Blazers because he seemed to fit in the system very well and had his best years there. The Spurs would not want to lose an All-Star player for peanuts of course, but they should actively pursue a trade for LaMarcus who simply is not good enough to get the Spurs out of the first round. Not to mention, he is currently out for the season due to shoulder surgery so the Spurs should be planning their rebuild from now.

DeMar DeRozan - 2021 Free Agent

DeMar DeRozan

Finally, DeMar DeRozan is the player that should certainly be traded. He is still in his prime and has developed more of an overall game playing in San Antonio. He is a much better passer and rebounder, averaging 5.6 APG and 5.6 RPG.

DeRozan can still score the ball very well, of course, averaging P22.2 PG and shooting 52.6% from the field. Clearly, DeRozan has value and that is why the Spurs should move on from him now.

DeRozan would be a very hot trade target for many teams because he is athletic enough to play and defend multiple positions and is a beast at scoring the ball from the mid-range and inwards. To get maximum return and not lose him for nothing, the Spurs should trade him as soon as possible.


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