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NBA Rumors: 4 Trades That Could Happen At Any Moment

Credit: Cavs Nation

Credit: Cavs Nation

It’s been a slow few weeks in the Association, with teams really cautious about the moves they make prior to the start of the preseason in order to compete for at least a playoff spot in the regular season.

With this being a very deep rookie class, teams have been pretty quiet with the moves they intend to make right now, and up to this day, it’s still kind of crazy to take a look at some of the free agents that are still up for grabs.

Ryan Anderson was on our list just before we wanted to publish this article, but he and De'Anthony Melton were traded to the Suns for Marquese Chriss and Brandon Knight.

Even so, there are several players that may be on the trade block right away, but teams are waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Today, we’ll let you know about 4 trades that may happen any second now.

4. Joakim Noah


Most of you may have forgotten about the fact that Joakim Noah was still in the league, but the Knicks haven’t, for sure. He’s still owed a lot of money and is a lock to leave the team, so the true question is whether he will be traded or bought out.

If he’s traded, the Knicks are likely to have to part ways with several picks and young assets, so he’s likely to be bought out instead. The fact is that he’s definitely not going to be on their roster on opening day.

3. Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore nba hawks

Kent Bazemore was one of the lone bright spots for the Atlanta Hawks the past season and he’s actually their lone tradable asset now that they’ve entered full rebuild mode and will likely tank another season.

The Houston Rockets were reportedly interested in landing his services and his 3 and D expertise will draw a lot of interest for sure, so expect the Hawks to trade him away any time soon.

2. George Hill

George Hill Cavsssss

George Hill was a very solid pickup for the Cleveland Cavaliers the past season, and even though his scoring wasn’t always there, his top-tier defense came really handy, especially in the playoffs.

Still, with Collin Sexton bound to take the starting spot at the point, the wisest thing to do would be getting anything they could get out of the veteran, who would like to have another shot at a Championship elsewhere.

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1. Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Vucevic nba d41241

According to several reports, the Orlando Magic would be really interested in moving their starting big man prior to the start of the season in order to hand standout rookie Mo Bamba as many load as he can right away.

Vucevic will become a free agent and demand a huge deal, while Bamba is looking as a young version of Rudy Gobert with an already improved offensive game, so moving Nikola would be a no-brainer move, to say the least.