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NBA Rumors: 5 Best Point Guards For The Los Angeles Lakers Next Season

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The Los Angeles Lakers are a team that may be looking at some changes this summer. They have a lot of players who will be free agents during the summer, and point guard Dennis Schroder is one of them. If he leaves, then the Los Angeles Lakers would need to find a good replacement, one that would be well-suited to their championship aspirations.

There are some solid veteran point guards that are available during free agency, and the Lakers have a variety of options to choose from. The Lakers could really use another scoring threat in their lineup next season, and perhaps it will be at the PG position. Here are the best options for the Lakers in free agency.

5. Spencer Dinwiddie

(via The Denver Post)

(via The Denver Post)

Spencer Dinwiddie will be a free agent this upcoming offseason, and he only played 3 games during the 2019-20 season. That was a result of an ACL injury, and any team that wants to sign him during free agency will obviously take that into consideration. However, Spencer Dinwiddie was still an extremely productive guard during the 2018-19 season, and he could potentially be a good fit on the Lakers.

Spencer Dinwiddie is a combo guard who is good on both ends of the floor. At his peak, he is a capable shot-creator who has sneaky athleticism: that combination of attributes is perfect for the role he'd play on the Los Angeles Lakers. If Spencer Dinwiddie were to stay on the Brooklyn Nets he'd likely be behind Kyrie Irving in the pecking order, while the Los Angeles Lakers would offer him a starting spot. He would be a great fit if he's healthy, and perhaps the risk would be worth it for Los Angeles.

4. Goran Dragic

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Goran Dragic is a dynamic veteran point guard who is a crafty scorer and an underrated shooter. The Miami Heat have a team option on his contract, and if it is declined, Dragic will become a free agent during the summer. He has taken a smaller offensive role on the Miami Heat due to the emergence of talents like Duncan Robinson, but on a contending team like the Lakers, he could be a great source of shot creation.

The promise of a ring next to LeBron James could be enough to sway Goran Dragic into moving to Los Angeles. The Miami Heat are currently 7th in the Eastern Conference. While they are a good team, they don't have two superstars like the Los Angeles Lakers. If Dragic were to go to the Lakers, they could get a quality veteran on what would likely be an affordable contract.

3. Devonte' Graham

via HoopsHabit

via HoopsHabit

Devonte' Graham is going to be a restricted free agent this offseason, but that shouldn't stop the Los Angeles Lakers from pursuing him. The Hornets have a crowded guard rotation with LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier both playing well, so perhaps they'd be willing to let Devonte' Graham go. 

On the Los Angeles Lakers, Devonte' Graham would be asked to be the perimeter shot creator, which is a solid role for him. Graham is an amazing 3PT shooter, and he would fit well with a natural playmaker like LeBron James. Graham would also have a starting role on the Lakers, something that isn't likely to happen in Charlotte. Overall, the fit between Graham and the Lakers is very good.

2. Mike Conley

Mike Conley Jr.

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Mike Conley is a first-time All-Star this season, and he has been a crucial factor for the Utah Jazz this season. Conley is currently averaging 16.4 PPG and 6.0 APG and is a fantastic player to have as the third cog behind your main stars. While he is currently on a contending Utah Jazz, perhaps he could leave in free agency if they disappoint in the playoffs.

At this stage of his career, Mike Conley isn't going to bring a team to the playoffs by himself, but he would be a great complementary piece on a franchise with already established stars. Conley would be a great third option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and he would give the Lakers a steady scorer and facilitator at the PG position.

1. Derrick Rose

(via NY Daily News)

Derrick Rose has had a resurgent season with the New York Knicks, being one of the key players that have put them in a winning position. While Derrick Rose obviously feels comfortable in New York under former coach Tom Thibodeau, he could decide to leave as a free agent this off-season. The Knicks don't offer him a realistic chance of winning a championship, something that Rose has stated he wanted to do in the past.

The Los Angeles Lakers would offer him the opportunity to do that. Derrick Rose would potentially become the starter for a contender like the Lakers and have less offensive pressure as a shot creator due to the presence of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Derrick Rose could potentially be the perfect option here: he is a veteran who is proven during clutch time. He is someone that can rise during the biggest moments, which is what you need in the playoffs. The Lakers should go for Derrick Rose and help him potentially win a championship.