NBA Rumors: 5 Best Trade Destinations For Ben Simmons

NBA Rumors: 5 Best Trade Destinations For Ben Simmons

All indications suggest that Ben Simmons won't be with the Philadelphia 76ers next season. Simmons had a fantastic campaign in the regular season and was a contender for Defensive Player Of The Year candidate. But his inability to shoot the ball, along with his poor offensive showing in the second round against Atlanta was a big factor in their exit. 

While Doc Rivers indicated earlier that Simmons would stick around, more reports have emerged saying that the 76ers are ready to move on from Simmons. An All-Star caliber player like Simmons won't come cheap. But there are teams that could pull the trigger on a deal that would benefit both parties. With that in mind, here are five teams that could be a landing spot for Simmons next season.

5. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers Recieve: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Recieve: CJ McCollum, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

This is as clear-cut a deal as possible. McCollum barely missed out on an All-Star nomination last season due to injury. His numbers were solid, as he was a great second option behind Damian Lillard. But the Blazers missed out on the second round, and the possibility of Dame leaving is ever-increasing.

Adding Simmons gives the Trail Blazers a solid defender and an excellent passer who can help create great looks for Dame and co. As for the 76ers, they get a great shooter in CJ, who can help carry the team offensively, and provides another floor-spacing option with his solid three-point shooting

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves Recieve: Ben Simmons, Seth Curry

Philadelphia 76ers Recieve: D'Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Jaylen Nowell, 2022 First-Round Pick

For the Timberwolves, Ben Simmons would be absolutely perfect. The T'Wolves have two solid offensive players in Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. Where they struggle is on the defensive end. Adding an All-Defensive player in Simmons would significantly bolster their team. Seth Curry will provide a much-needed floor spacing option for Minnesota, who struggled with three-point shooting last season. And with Simmons getting Curry open looks as the third option, the Timberwolves could be a solid attacking force.

D'Lo will be a downgrade on the defensive end for Philly. But the rest of the team around D'Lo will be well drilled. Russell is a solid offensive player who can create his own shot, and set up plays for others. Beasley and Nowell will also be great options off the bench. And if the 76ers want to make further trade, they get the 2022 pick as an asset to use.

3. Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Recieve: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Recieve: Andrew Wiggins, Juan Toscano Anderson, Jordan Poole, No. 14 Pick

This deal puts both teams in solid positions. Andrew Wiggins was crucial to a Warriors team that didn't perform very well. He is a solid player on both the offensive and the defensive end. What he lacks in defensive prowess, he makes up for in his attacking contributions compared to Simmons. And in the 76ers system, he will have a better chance. Whereas JTA and Poole will add more shooting options from the bench.

For the Warriors, they add another solid defender next to Draymond Green on the court. With Simmons playing at small forward, he can help Klay Thompson and Steph Curry get open looks. And giving the Splash Brothers is equivalent to giving them a guaranteed bucket. Furthermore, Simmons would only be the third option offensively, something that will benefit him greatly. Simmons could be the piece that brings the Warriors back to championship contention.

2. Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Recieve: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Recieve: Buddy Hield, Tyrese Haliburton, 2022 First-Round Pick, 2023 First-Round Pick, 2023 Second-Round Pick

For the Kings, this might be the move that gets them back into playoff contention. Parting ways with Haliburton will be a tough sell for them. But what they get in return could be huge. Someone to lob the ball up for Marvin Bagley, while also stopping opposition players from getting buckets is a huge plus for them. Losing Haliburton and Hield, two of their best shooters is difficult, but they have other stars on the team that can step up in their absence. Right now, the Kings need an All-Star, All-Defensive player.

The 76ers get a star to build their future around in Haliburton. Pairing him up with Tyrese Maxey could secure their future backcourt for years to come. Both Haliburton and Hield are solid three-point shooters and can create for others as well. And the assets mean the 76ers can make more moves to bolster their squad.

1. New York Knicks

New York Knicks Recieve: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Recieve: Immanuel Quickley, Kevin Knox, Obi Toppin, 2021 No. 21 Pick, 2022 First-Round Pick

This trade gets the Knicks another All-Star to pair with Julius Randle. This move adds an excellent defender to one of the best defensive teams in the league. Putting Simmons with Julius Randle and Derrick Rose can create an underrated yet overpowered front three at the Garden. Rose can create, but not at the level that Simmons can. If the Knicks are able to secure Simmons, they have the potential to do even better than last season.

The 76ers get a young point guard who is not afraid of the big moments. Furthermore, Obi Toppin didn't get the opportunity to show why he was one of the best collegiate players two seasons ago. Add to that, they get draft picks that they can use or stash depending on Daryl Morey's plans. The 76ers stand to benefit from the host of players they get.