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NBA Rumors: 5 Destinations Where Isaiah Thomas And DeMarcus Cousins Could Reunite

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Fadeaway World

Players have been more and more active on social media nowadays, and with most of them watching the NBA Finals from their couches, they’ve had a lot of time to interact with fans over the last couple of weeks.

The latest story twitter has brought us shows us a tweet by Isaiah Thomas, agreeing with a fan that craves the possibility of him teaming up with DeMarcus Cousins, as both are set to become unrestricted free agents.

While Cousins’ season got off to a premature ending due to an Achilles injury, Thomas’ campaign was no walk in the park either, so it would actually be nice to see them both bouncing back for this upcoming season. But, where could they both play? Let’s take a look at the 5 places where they could play next to each other.

5. Sacramento Kings

Well, at first sight, this may make no sense at all, as Cousins left Sac-town in bad terms and the team also traded IT, but a homecoming may be what both need to get back on their feet in a familiar environment, not to mention the fact that Boogie’s quite beloved in this town.

With De’Aaron Fox leading the way, Thomas would play off the ball, and adding Cousins into the mix would really help this rebuilding squad take a step forward, although they’re unlikely to make the playoffs anyways.

This is highly unlikely destination after DeMarcus Cousins sells his Granite Bay estate for $4.25 million near Sacramento.

4. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks rebuilding process has been rounding up pretty well, and landing DeMarcus Cousins would finally provide them the strong and dominant presence down low they’ve so desperately craved for years now.

Also, Thomas would provide a much-needed boost from the three-point land, and adding both players and the 5th overall pick to a nice core featuring Dennis Smith Jr and Harrison Barnes could take the Mavs back to playoff contention.

3. Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have quietly put together a low-key interesting squad for the future. Besides landing a potential franchise cornerstone in D’Angelo Russell, they could also have enough money in their hands to get both Thomas and Cousins, but they should trade Carroll and buyout Mozgov first.

The Eastern Conference would be a much easier path for Cousins to finally make his long-awaited playoff debut, while the Nets would have an extremely explosive backcourt that could be a huge threat for years to come.

2. Houston Rockets

If DeMarcus Cousins wants to compete for a Championship, he’s going to have to take a slight pay cut, and the Houston Rockets would be a prime destination for him if they strike out on LeBron James in free agency this summer.

Naturally, they would have to trade away PJ Tucker, Ryan Anderson and perhaps even Eric Gordon, and sign Thomas to lead the team’s second unit as the backup point guard, while Cousins plays next to Capela (if they don't sign LeBron James) on a deadly frontcourt.

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1. Los Angeles Lakers

And finally, the Lakers would make a lot of sense for everybody involved, as Thomas looked fairly better when he was backing up Lonzo Ball than when he was with the Cavs, and with the team likely to sign Paul George in the summer, they would definitely go back to instant contention.

Also, Cousins has been closely tied with a move to a huge market such as the Lakers, not to mention the fact that he recently started following several people among the organization, and with this team’s young core, they could be a dynasty in the making for sure.