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NBA Rumors: 5 Destinations Where It Would Be Great To See Carmelo Anthony

NBA Rumors: 5 Destinations Where It Would Be Great To See Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has had a hell of a professional career, but ever since he was mistreated by the New York Knicks a couple of seasons ago, it just feels like he’s become the league’s ultimate fall guy.

Melo was the Thunder’s scapegoat last season even despite Russ’ inefficiency and George’s no-shows, and now the Houston Rockets have waived him after just 10 games with the franchise.

Anthony is not likely to just call it quits and he’s definitely going to try and play at least until the end of the season, so, why don’t we take a look at the top 5 teams where it would be great to watch Carmelo Anthony?

5. Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have already denied the rumors pointing towards them being interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony. Even so, they’re short in depth at the power forward spot and need sharpshooters and guys that can create off the dribble.

Carmelo Anthony is a pure scorer and a veteran presence they have craved so much over the last couple of seasons, and it would be nice to see him next to Butler, Redick, Embiid and Simmons.

4. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat isn’t going to be contending any time soon, so any chance of winning an NBA Championship would be off the table for Carmelo should he decide to join Dwyane Wade at South Beach.

Still, joining one of his best friends on his last dance would be a nice way of saying goodbye to the league. Also, there’s no pressure to win on that team right away, so he could just have fun balling next to his buddy.

3. Charlotte Hornets

Once again, any chance of competing will be off the table if he decides to join the Charlotte Hornets, but he could mentor their young scorers and even try to build a bit of legacy by trying to get them to the playoffs.

Moreover, he could actually land here because of his close relationship with Michael Jordan, being one of Jordan’s featured athletes. Also, Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony playing together would be really dope (a decade ago).

2. San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs always know how to make the most of every single one of their assets. They’ve done it over and over they will keep on doing so, as that’s just the way Gregg Popovich handles things.

This could be Melo’s last shot at redemption, as the Spurs need shooters and players that could create off the dribble, let alone the fact that he could come off the bench and lead them in scoring as a 6th Man of the Year candidate.

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1. Denver Nuggets


Well, this is where it all started. Carmelo didn’t leave the Nuggets in good terms, so this would be a prime chance to redeem himself to the fans before calling it quits and announcing his retirement from the NBA.

Also, the Nuggets are short at the wing spots and they’re in a prime position to contend in the Western Conference this season. This one’s a long shot, but it would be kind of poetic to see Melo leave the league in a Nuggets uniform.