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NBA Rumors: 5 Free Agents That Could Join LeBron James And The Los Angeles Lakers This Summer

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The Los Angeles Lakers could potentially face a big roster turnover this upcoming offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of upcoming free agents that could potentially sign elsewhere. Their roster is full of players who could get bigger deals from other franchises, and a better contract could entice those players to leave Los Angeles.

Andre Drummond and Montrezl Harrell are both big men that could leave in the offseason, as they will certainly get better offers from teams in need of a center. Both will be free agents, although Harrell does have a player option. The Lakers have other free agents that could leave, such as Alex Caruso, Talen Horton-Tucker, and Dennis Schroder. Alex Caruso could potentially leave if he gets a better contract elsewhere, while Dennis Schroder has already refused a contract extension. If the Los Angeles Lakers further wanted to clear cap, they could trade Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a place that would be willing to take on his contract.

The Lakers could have some cap space come summer. The salary cap could potentially be around $112,414,200, per a report. The Lakers will definitely have the salaries of Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Kyle Kuzma on the squad, as well as the leftover salary from Luol Deng. That amounts to about 95 million, leaving the Lakers with around 17 million dollars under the salary cap. There are a few players that could elect to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in order to win a championship. Here are some possible options.

5. JJ Redick

(via The Bird Writes)

(via The Bird Writes)

JJ Redick's shooting exploits are known well around the league. Redick is one of the best catch and shoot players in the game, although he has struggled this past season. JJ Redick shoots 41.5% from beyond the arc for his career, and spacing is always welcome with a wizard playmaker like LeBron James.

JJ Redick is entering the last phase of his long career, and perhaps he could sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, and try to help them win a championship. Redick would give the Lakers someone who can consistently knock down open shots created by the offensive gravity of their superstars.

4. Carmelo Anthony

(via Blazer's Edge)

(via Blazer's Edge)

Carmelo Anthony is fairly good friends with LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony has had a career renaissance over the last two years in Portland, and he has re-invented himself as a 6th man this season. His scoring could be useful for the Los Angeles Lakers, and perhaps they could offer him a chance to play with one of his close friends.

Carmelo Anthony is shooting 37.8% from 3PT range this season: he could be a solid supplementary player in the offense, and offer some shot creation if needed. If Anthony joined the Lakers, he would be joining a championship-caliber team, next to the best player in the world. Carmelo Anthony could join the Lakers to compete.

3. Derrick Rose

via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Derrick Rose is a former MVP, who could potentially relish the chance to win a championship, and add to his legacy. Derrick Rose can still play at a high level and help a team with his ability to score the basketball. Derrick Rose could potentially become a solid scoring option for the Lakers, or potentially even a starter.

While Derrick Rose is primary a slasher, he has gotten better at spacing the floor in recent years, and is shooting 37.0% from beyond the arc this season. This would allow him to be a threat next to two superstars. Derrick Rose could potentially go to Los Angeles on a discount, as he has expressed his desire to win a championship before. Going to Los Angeles would give him an opportunity to do that.

2. Mike Conley

Mike Conley Jr.

Credit: Getty Images

Mike Conley is a newly minted All-Star, and he is part of the scorching Utah Jazz team this season. While the Utah Jazz are the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, there are people who have expressed their doubts about how well the team will do come playoff time. If the Jazz do poorly, then there is a chance that Conley could leave.

Mike Conley is a solid all-around point guard, averaging 16.3 PPG and 5.5 APG. Conley would be a great third option behind Anthony Davis and LeBron James, while providing some elite shooting from beyond the arc (41.4%). Conley would be a great fit on the Los Angeles Lakers.

1. DeMar DeRozan

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It seems very possible that DeMar DeRozan will leave the San Antonio Spurs in free agency, as they are clearly choosing to focus on developing their younger talent. If so, DeMar DeRozan could elect to sign in Los Angeles as they are a team with championship aspirations.

DeMar DeRozan is a player who could command a hefty contract from other suitors, but perhaps he could take a mid-level deal in order to play at home in Los Angeles while competing for a ring next to LeBron James. DeMar DeRozan's shot creation would be perfect for the Los Angeles Lakers, and more star power is never a bad bet in the modern superteam era. DeRozan could potentially be a solid tertiary scoring option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


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