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NBA Rumors: 5 Perfect Targets For The Denver Nuggets

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Nuggets are one of the best teams in the Western Conference, with a mix of star power and depth. In fact, they are one of the deepest teams in the league. Led by Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets have acquired great talent including players who can spread the floor with precise shooting, bigs who can hustle and rebound, and guys who can defend.

Denver seems to have all the right tools, but not enough star power. Replacing some of their assets with some star power will greatly increase their chances to go further in the playoffs than last year, and be a legitimate threat for a Western Conference Finals berth.

Here are the best trade targets for the Denver Nuggets.

5. Blake Griffin


Placing Blake Griffin next to Jokic will be a nightmare for teams, as they are bigs who can bang down low and shoot from the perimeter. Denver will have a legitimate 5 guys who can space the floor at one time, and this will be massive against other good teams.

Jokic is still the star in this scenario, but he gets some more All-Star quality help. Surrounding those two with enough shooters, including marksman Jamal Murray, and Denver might be a legitimate favorite in the West.

Trade Package: Garry Harris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Juan Hernangomez, and a 1st Round Pick

4. Kevin Love

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

For the same reasons as Griffin, Love is ideal next to Jokic. The only catch here is that Love is a more effective shooter than Griffin. He will be able to nail more shots from the perimeter and be a force on the boards as well. Jokic and Love will be a very awkward matchup for any team playing Denver.

What Love excels at is spot-up shooting from the perimeter, but he is also effective down low. Love and Jokic can do damage from anywhere on the court, opening up space for guys like Jamal Murray to do some damage. Love is also a champion and has been in situations where he was forced to help his team get through games.

Adding Love to this relatively inexperienced Nuggets team will do wonders for their Western Conference chances.

Trade Package: Paul Milsap (exp. contract), Michael Porter Jr., Juan Hernangomez and a 1st Round Pick

3. C.J. McCollum

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C.J. McCollum is a high-volume shooter and scorer, and he might be what Denver needs. The Nuggets need some more star power offensively, and C.J. is the definition of this.

McCollum was the main reason by the Nuggets were bounced in the playoffs last season, as he was simply unguardable. He can seemingly get a shot whenever he wants, and Denver could certainly use a guy like that.

A small-big tandem of Jokic and McCollum will be a disaster for most teams, as you can not leave either of them open. They both can attract double-teams at various points in the game, and they are very effective at moving the ball as well.

McCollum fits Denver’s system, and he must be a top trade target for Denver.

Trade Package: Garry Harris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Juan Hernangomez, and a 1st Round Pick

2. DeMar DeRozan

(via San Antonio Express-News)

(via San Antonio Express-News)

DeRozan might be the best mid-range scorer in the game and is also effective at finishing in the paint or in traffic.

Denver went through stretches, especially in the playoffs last year, where they were not able to score the ball well enough. Jokic is an offensive threat, but he can be minimized when double-teamed and many times the shots do not fall for Denver.

Adding a guy like DeRozan removes all these worries, as he is a master of getting his own shot and creating offense from scratch. DeRozan is a professional scorer and a supreme athlete who wants to score and be a pest defensively as well.

The Nuggets must look to engage San Antonio for a potential trade, as they desperately need a guy who can put them over the top in the West. A big-3 setup with Murray, DeRozan, and Jokic covers all aspects of a modern NBA tandem on both ends of the floor.

Trade Package: Garry Harris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Juan Hernangomez, and a 1st Round Pick

1. Bradley Beal

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Out of all the players on this list, Bradley Beal might be the best option. He is still young and can flat out score the basketball. He is a fantastic shooter and seems to be on a path to average over 25 ppg for the next few seasons.

Beal has developed his offensive game to where he can score in a variety of ways, beyond spot-up shooting. He is effective from the three, mid-range, and inside- and looks to be getting better. Bradley Beal and Jamal Murray will compete with the NBA’s best backcourt thanks to their marksman-like shooting and accuracy from deep. With Jokic controlling the game from the inside, he will be able to find those guys for easy perimeter shots all game long.

Washington has a legitimate talent on their hands, and they might look to capitalize on him as soon as possible. Shipping him out West will be the best scenario for Washington, who will want to be a threat in the East as soon as possible.

Trade Package: Garry Harris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Juan Hernangomez, and a 1st Round Pick


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