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NBA Rumors: 5 Players The Warriors Could Land This Season

NBA Rumors: 5 Players The Warriors Could Land This Season

The Golden State Warriors were back, or so it seemed. Stephen Curry is expected to return to full form but his Splash Brother Klay Thompson once again will miss the entire season with another major injury. While it is heartbreaking to see Klay go down again, the Warriors must regroup and find players to help Stephen Curry and the recently drafted James Wiseman succeed. After all, the majority of the championship core is intact with Draymond Green and head coach Steve Kerr still there.

With Klay Thompson out, the Warriors need to find scoring to make up for his absence. Luckily, 5 major targets can help Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors become title contenders again and challenge for the 2021 NBA championship even without Klay Thompson.

The Warriors can offer a package centered around talented forward Eric Paschall, who averaged 13.9 PPG last season and a first-round pick for potential trades. The Warriors also picked up a Disabled Player Exception due to Klay's season-ending injury which means the Warriors have an extra $9.3 million to spare.

Here are the 5 players that can help the Golden State Warriors right now.

5. J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick

This deal would replace Klay's shooting as much as possible. While he can't nail contested threes like Klay, he has a quick release and is deadly coming off screens. Redick shot 45.3% from three last year and would make the Warrior potent on offense and especially more deadly in the clutch when teams focus on shutting down Stephen Curry.

Redick is a master at moving off screens for jumpers and gives the Warriors more versatility on offense instead of Stephen Curry all the time. With Klay Thompson not in the lineup, Curry already has a ton of pressure. The easiest fix for the Warriors is to find a shooter who can replicate what Klay brings to the table. Redick is one of the best shooters in history and the Warriors should consider his services.

4. Derrick Rose



Derrick Rose played like an All-Star all season long last year, and it is only a matter of time before a top team snatches him up. Rose looks quicker, stronger, and more motivated than ever before and his consistent play on the court has proven that. It is time for Rose to join a title contender to showcase his abilities and finally play deep in an NBA playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors are in desperate need of a scorer to replace Klay Thompson since they can't rely on only Stephen Curry to consistently control the ball and make plays. Even when Steve Kerr's plays break down, Rose can be a primary playmaker who can score and run the show, so this move makes a lot of sense for the Warriors.

3. Lou Williams

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

Lou Williams can either be a sixth man or starter for this Warriors team because he will take his 18.2 PPG average and play alongside superstar Stephen Curry. Williams is good enough to start on almost every NBA team because he possesses a natural scoring ability that impacts games at a high level. If Lou starts with Curry, teams have to be prepared to chase both off screens and handle one on one situations. The Warriors will blitz teams on the break and even in the half-court with this starting backcourt.

Even if Lou comes off the bench, he helps the team a lot especially since he is quite miniature and can struggle on defense. Williams can still score the ball as well as anyone if he doesn't start, so his impact will still be there. Lou Williams can drop 20 PPG with ease so expect the Warriors to inquire about the scorer to replace Klay's offensive production.

2. Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon 21321

The Warriors are lucky to have a superstar talent in Stephen Curry but they could use another young developing star to add to their cast. They should be interested in adding an athletic forward like Aaron Gordon to help push the pace on offense and add more paint resistance to help Draymond Green. Alongside Andrew Wiggins, the Warriors lineup will be very athletic.

Gordon is a stretch four player who has the size and capability to finish on the inside. Perhaps most importantly, he can defend multiple positions and be a beast on the fast break. A frontcourt with Green and Gordon is a potentially impactful duo to play against, because of their size and skills.

1. LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge was once recognized as the best power forward in the NBA for his ability to score the ball from the mid-range and inside the paint. With the Portland Trail Blazers, Aldridge was a legitimate All-NBA performer and could be a number one option in an offense with ease. Aldridge has gotten older and is not as impactful as he used to be, but his skills won't ever leave him.

Aldridge is still a quality player and scorer. He averaged 18.9 PPG and 7.4 RPG this season while playing 53 total games. He can be trusted as a second option because he will always have the ability to score the ball with his soft touch. He just doesn't seem to fit in San Antonio, as the franchise should start a rebuild soon. The Golden State Warriors can snatch up LaMarcus Aldridge to revive his career and help him become a critical part of a winning team.


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