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NBA Rumors: 5 Realistic Point Guards Options For The Phoenix Suns

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Having a true point guard is one of the main issues any general manager has to address in order to succeed in the NBA, as you just can’t make it without a guy pulling the strings and orchestrating the offense.

The Phoenix Suns have struggled to find a starting point guard ever since trading Eric Bledsoe away, and even though it seems like they trust Devin Booker enough to let him run the point, he’s a pure scorer that thrives off the ball and would actually hurt his game and the team by playing pg.

Even so, it seems like they’re not being aggressive enough in this year’s market in their pursuit for a point guard. So, with limited options, let’s take a look at the top 5r realistic options the Suns could land to be their starting point guard.

5. Sergio Llull

Sergio Llull

With the Phoenix Suns appointing Igor Kokoskov as their head coach, the team may be open to looking overseas in order to get a starting point guard and Sergio Llull has always wanted to make it in the NBA, so they could contact Real Madrid and make a deal.

Llull is a huge defensive liability at an NBA level, but he’s an incredible scorer, shooter and playmaker. He’s a guy that perfectly suits a run and gun fast paced offense next to Booker and Ayton, so he’s definitely worth the shot.

4. Ish Smith

Ish Smith Pistons

Ish Smith is more of a backup point guard and has never been able to establish himself as the main guy, but even so, he’d be a major upgrade for their roster and he’s proven to be a dime machine when given the minutes.

Perhaps he’s not a volume scorer but with Ayton and Booker, they don’t need much scoring from their playmaker, so him being a pass-first kind of point guard, he’d be a perfect fit for this team without taking shots away from their young studs.

3. Milos Teodosic

Milos Teodosic Clippers 21321

Milos Teodosic would’ve established himself as the Clippers starter if it wasn’t for his injuries, and even though you may think he’s slow and unathletic, he’s actually one of the most experienced and proven winners at world basketball.

Teodosic has unlimited range and is one of the craftiest passers you’ll ever see, but he’s unlikely to have much playing time with the Los Angeles Clippers due to the logjam they have at the point guard spot right now.

2. George Hill

George Hill Cavsssss

Considering George Hill’s age, the Cleveland Cavaliers are unlikely to keep him for the future, especially with Collin Sexton already waiting in line to take the reins of the offense as their next franchise player.

Hill would be a major defensive upgrade for a Suns defense that’s been historically bad, let alone his playmaking skills. Moreover, they wouldn’t need much out of him other than passing and playing as a backcourt stopper.

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1. Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley Clippers

But if the Suns want a suffocating defender, they just need to pursue Patrick Beverley, one of the toughest guards in the world, and a guy that can lock down the best point guards on a nightly basis with his hard-nosed competitiveness.

Beverley was playing the best ball of his career before going down with a season-ending injury, so he’s going to be a risky pickup. Even so, it would make sense for the Suns to try and get him, while the Clippers would be wise to let him go in order to let Gilgeous-Alexander grow through his mistakes.