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NBA Rumors: 5 Stars The Los Angeles Lakers Must Avoid

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The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a shaky start of the season, and, but they have 7-3 in the last 10 games and they are right now the 5th best team in the Western Conference with 14-9 record.

When you land LeBron James, you know several players are just going to follow his steps and join the team, but that hasn’t been the case so far, and it seems like there are no more stars left in the market willing to be dressed in purple and gold right now.

Even so, Magic Johnson is set to be quite aggressive and pursue another star prior to the February trade deadline, but today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 stars the Lakers should definitely avoid, at least for now.

5. Kemba Walker


Well, Kemba Walker looks like a perfect fit for the Lakers, as he can just play as an off-ball scorer and could be a nice addition next to Lonzo Ball and LeBron James, but still, he’s set to become a free agent and the Hornets’ asking price for their All-Star is not going to be cheap.

If they intend to land Kemba, they should just play the long game and wait until the summer, where they could get him for free and even convince him to take a pay cut rather than risk assets via trade right now.

4. Kevin Love


Kevin Love and LeBron James developed great chemistry when they were playing together for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that’s a thing of the past, and they shouldn’t pursue a reunion with the big man.

Love is a bit of an injury prone aging player that even though may be a solid contributor in the offensive end and in both sides of the glass, is going to take a lot of money out of their books that could be used to land another star in the summer. Also, they should use Ingram and Kuzma as Power Forwards.

3. Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony is one of LeBron’s closest friends, so there was a lot of speculation regarding a potential signing for the Lakers, something that still hasn’t happened and hopefully won’t happen at all.

Anthony is just done. He shouldn’t come back to the league anymore and just retire while he still has his dignity. He can’t help this team as a ball-dominant scorer and a ball-stopper. Next, please.

2. Marc Gasol

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Marc Gasol is one of the best big men in the league for sure. He’s two-way expertise would be welcome for any team, but he’s set to demand a lot of money and is not getting any younger, to say the least.

Gasol is not likely to re-sign with the Memphis Grizzlies as they intend to rebuild, but that doesn’t mean they should trade for him by all means, especially considering a desperate team is likely to overpay for his services.

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1. John Wall

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John Wall is one of the best point guards in the league and nobody’s going to argue that, but he’s a ball-dominant player that doesn’t fit their style and that’s not likely to succeed next to a guy of the likes of LeBron James.

Moreover, Wall is set to earn 40+ million dollars a year and that’s not the kind of deal any team would like to have on their books. Also, he’s a bit of a troublemaker and the Lakers’ locker room already features Rondo, Beasley, LeBron, and Stephenson, so that’s a no go.