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NBA Rumors: 5 Teams That Should Be Very Active In Trade Talks


We’ve only had 7 regular season games for most NBA franchises but already we are seeing who’s hot and who’s not. Some teams have hugely surprised us like the Milwaukee Bucks standing atop the East of the Denver Nuggets sitting firmly in the 2nd see in the West.

Other teams have not lived up to expectations and are now in a major panic mode to get back on track to their preseason expectations. These are the guys I want to talk about. They are the ones that aren’t performing but should be. Some teams are bad because they have a bad roster. They don’t need to trade, they need to get good draft picks and build from there.

I’m talking about teams that need to make a trade to kickstart their roster and get everyone motivated and on the right track. These teams have talented rosters but for some reason they aren’t winning games like they were last season and here are my top 5.

5. Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers LeBron Kuzma Lonzo

I wasn���t one of these people that thought LeBron going to the Lakers would instantly make them a title contender. LeBron will be 34 soon and he’s playing in the tougher Western Conference. It also takes time for a team to incorporate a player of LeBron’s stature into their system.

The Lakers also have a strange cast of characters. Players like Rondo, McGee, Stephenson and Beasley are all huge wildcards that can be great on one night then terrible on another. The Lakers will get better with time, but they need to trade Lonzo Ball for some knock-down shooters to open up their offense.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves


For the love of God just trade Jimmy Butler already!!!

I don’t know why the Wolves are keeping hold of Butler, the whole saga is directly responsible for the Timberwolves lackluster start. Karl-Anthony Towns looks unmotivated and the rest of squad has a weight on their shoulders that will not lift until Butler has been moved.

The trade will happen but every day that it doesn’t is another day where the Wolves can’t fully focus on building team chemistry and winning games.

3. Washington Wizards

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Shooting in basketball is contagious. If few guys on the roster are shooting well that gives other players more room and confidence on the floor which in turn improves their shooting. This is exactly the same for bad shooting though and this is what has happened to the Washington Wizards.

Last year they were 4th in the NBA in team 3P% at 37.5%. This season they are 27th at 32.3%. Their 2 main snipers Bradley Beal and Otter Porter can’t seem to get a rhythm going and it’s affecting everyone on the team especially John Wall. Wall is a player who needs good shooting around him to be effective.

If this carries on for the Wizards then they should seriously consider making some moves to get their shooters going again.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

Tobias Harris clippers 12312

The Clippers are actually doing better than expected, which is why they should capitalize on this and try and trade for Jimmy Butler to carry on the momentum. Butler is very cheap for what he brings and it’s known he wants to be in LA.

The Clippers became relevant for the first time in their franchise’s young history and they don’t want to lose that. There are talks of them finding their own stadium and winning games for the foreseeable future will definitely help with that.

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1. Houston Rockets

james harden chris paul a421321

The entire Houston franchise should be in major panic mode. The team that won the most games in the entire league last season is bottom of the Western Conference. They are disorganized, there is no heart and the whole negative aura around the team needs to be smashed to pieces by trading for Butler.

Houston is unwilling to part ways with Eric Gordon but he’s been terrible thus far and acquiring Butler would be huge. They would have enough firepower with Butler, Harden, CP3 and Melo to compete with anyone and a trade of this magnitude would re-ignite the Rockets and see them launch into the rest of the season.