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NBA Rumors: A Blockbuster Trade That Could Send Russell Westbrook To Houston

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Houston is looking for another star to add next to James Harden. And since Russell Westbrook is now on the trade market, Daryle Morey is salivating over the idea of possibly bringing Russ to Houston.

The Rockets were linked to free agent Jimmy Butler for weeks leading up to the start of free agency. And the front office for Houston reportedly was shopping around key players such as PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon, and Clint Capela to try and clear up cap space. Now that Butler has signed with the Heat, and all the chaos that has followed leaves Russell Westbrook looking for a trade partner. And Houston is willing to make the right moves to trade for Russ.

So, how would the trade work out for both sides? Well, Houston would offer Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, Gerald Green and multiple picks for Russell Westbrook. For the Rockets the organization would be getting rid of Chris Paul's huge contract as well as Clint Capela. But the Rockets would still be in the same hole by taking on Westbrook's contract which has 4 years left for $171 million. The haul would be substantially huge because the Thunder are wanting to build for the future with assets such as CP3, Gordon, and Capela to potentially trade them as well.

The Thunder would also have to pay Chris Paul what he is owed which is $123 million for the next three years. If this trade were to happen there could be multiple teams added. It would make sense because both organizations are dealing with contracts that are absolutely just impossible to move for players that are past there primes and are on the wrong side of 30.

The Thunder could use CP3 for possibly one season and trade him the following summer for young players and picks. CP3 is still a capable point guard that can make plays and control an offense. But for the Thunder, it would be a rental year for Chris Paul and would look to move that massive contract.

Also, if this trade happens, OKC will have two centers on their books being Steven Adams and Clint Capela. So, the condition is to trade Steven Adams as well to another team for this trade to not only work but to make sense. The trade is going to be difficult and is a long shot but Daryl Morey will do anything in his power to make this blockbuster trade happen. And for Sam Presti, he might just look like a genius after everything is all set and done.

And If any General Managers could pull off a trade such as this one Daryl Morey and Sam Presti are the guys who can make it happen.