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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis And His Camp Believe Kyrie Irving Is Leaving The Celtics This Summer

Kyrie Irving

The Celtics took a bit of a gamble in trading for Kyrie Irving. If you remember, they traded fan favorite (and leading scorer) Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder to the Cavs for a guy in Irving with two seasons left in his deal. He made no commitment to wanting to stay in Boston past the expiration of his current contract.

And while anyone will tell you it was probably the right move, it could be one they'll have to pay for this summer.

Because in a report by ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the reason Anthony Davis has lost his desire to join the Celtics involves the future of Kyrie Irving, a guy he believes will be wearing a different jersey next season.

"The Anthony Davis camp believes that Kyrie is leaving the Celtics. That's why the Celtics have been crossed off... The Knicks were on that list too, but now the Knicks have taken themselves out of the bidding."

In the same conversation, Windhorst admitted that Davis was doing all he could to get himself to the Lakers, a clear sign that he's serious about his move to L.A. and serious about his move to a winning environment.

But Davis isn't in full control just yet. And despite his burning desire to play for Los Angeles, The Pelicans might have different plans for him.