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NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis Trade Has "Zero Percent Chance" To Get Done Before Deadline


The entire NBA community has been itching for Anthony Davis news since before the season even began. Not only are multiple teams in pursuit, but, with only one more season left on his contract, there is additional pressure for the Pelicans to trade him.

Talks have only heated up as the season has progressed, with the Lakers practically forcing themselves in the conversation. Though in a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, we shouldn't expect to see the Lakers, or any other team for that matter, make a trade for Davis this season.

“There is a zero-percent chance the Pelicans trade Anthony Davis before the deadline,” Wojnarowski said.

And it makes sense. By keeping him, the Pels give themselves more time to convince Davis to stay while also calming down some of the rumors about him leaving. Technically, he is still under contract with the team for one more season, so they are in no immediate rush to deal him any time soon.

The Lakers, although they would like to have him as soon as possible, have been saving up their assets to get him, knowing it would take some time before he really became available.

Whatever Davis' future has in store, we'll have to wait a bit longer before any of us find out.