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NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Could Facilitate Ben Simmons Trade To Timberwolves

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The Ben Simmons saga isn't ending anytime soon. Even though recent reports suggest the player will be on the Philadelphia 76ers roster when training camp starts, the consensus around the league is that Simmons will exit the Sixers sooner than later. 

After the Sacramento Kings pulled out of the race and the Golden State Warriors never made an offer for the Australian point guard, the Minnesota Timberwolves appear to be the frontrunners to acquire Simmons' services. 

However, they need a third team to make things happen, and curiously, the same team that got Simmons out of the playoff could get him out of the Sixers this offseason. Chris Kirschner of The Athletic states that the Atlanta Hawks could be the third team to facilitate this move, getting something in return for their cooperation. 

Not saying we get Ben Simmons (even though I could live with a Cam/Gallo/future pick offer) … but how do you think Schlenk can get something out of this? Think there’s a way to be the third team and pluck Tyrese Maxey or another asset? — Chris N.

Let’s say the Timberwolves are the team that ultimately decides to go in for Simmons. They’re probably going to need a third team in the deal to execute it because they don’t have the young prospects that likely will excite the 76ers. That’s where someone like Reddish could come into play and the Hawks end up getting something out of the deal. The Hawks definitely have the prospects and draft capital to get involved in any deal involving Simmons, but it would likely be as the third team instead of the team landing Simmons.

Although this seems unlikely, the Hawks could be the key to unlock negotiations between the Sixers and Timberwolves. They could get some benefits from this while making life easier for Philadelphia and Minnesota. 

Meanwhile, the Ben Simmons saga continues. Some say he's leaving the Sixers, but the team's ridiculous demands make everything harder for the player and suitors. Time will tell how this situation ends.