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NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Could Make A Powerful Trade Package For Ben Simmons

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NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Could Acquire Ben Simmons For Package Centered On John Collins, Per 'Bleacher Report'

The Atlanta Hawks are a burgeoning team that could be competing for the playoffs this year. They now have veterans like Danilo Gallinari and Rajon Rondo on the roster, and the expectations are to make it. Trae Young could be an MVP caliber player on the offensive end, and the Hawks have mostly built a good roster around him. Young's co-star John Collins though, is a question mark. The Athletic reported that Collins and the Atlanta Hawks did not agree on an extension. His place in the Hawks' future plans doesn't seem solidified.

While the Hawks could easily offer Collins an extension after the season, they could also trade him. Recently, Bleacher Report compiled a list that featured a perfect trade target for every team. For the Atlanta Hawks, the target was Ben Simmons. The article stated why the Hawks should trade for Simmons. John Collins was included in the package.

Simmons has the size (6'10", 240 lbs) and athleticism to play virtually anywhere in the lineup and is already an all-world defender, which the Hawks will forever need next to Trae Young.

Young would help offset Simmons' lack of three-point shooting as the current Sixer prefers to set others up outside the arc instead.

If Philly makes Simmons available at some point, the Hawks could put together a terrific package of young players and picks. A starting point of John Collins, Cam Reddish and a first-round pick should be enough to get the Sixers' attention.

With John Collins not receiving an extension, this trade could appeal to the Hawks, as they could see Simmons as an upgrade. Ben Simmons has all the tools to guard the forward position and the interior, while also having elite floor spacing from Trae Young. Lineups with Ben Simmons at the C in a small ball fashion could particularly be interesting. Essentially, Simmons is a defensive savant who is also a clever passer and an athletic finisher.

Pairing two All-Stars who cover two separate sides of the ball could be interesting. Trae Young is an offensive wizard who isn't that great at defense; Ben Simmons is a menace on the defensive end but needs spacing to let him thrive. The two stars could be a good fit on the court: if the 76ers do make Simmons available, then the Atlanta Hawks could make an upgrade at the forward position.