NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin Wants To Be Traded From The Pistons

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Blake Grififn

The Griffin/Drummond pairing as one of those things that failed before it really ever got started. From the beginning, the two were just an awkward fit, and the team never looked like a legitimate threat in the Eastern Conference. Being in Detroit, a less-than-ideal city, and playing for the Pistons, a franchise that has been a wreck for at least the past decade, it's no wonder why Blake Griffin wants out.

In a statement by Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, the former L.A. superstar is looking for the exit sign in the Motor City.

Robinson adds to the report, by pointing to places Griffin supposedly might have interest in.

Take this with a grain of salt, because this reported "unhappiness" hasn't been mentioned really anywhere else. Neither Blake or the Pistons have made any indication of separating.

If he really does want out, it's not really all that surprising. He went from a title-contending franchise in Los Angeles to a bottom tier Eastern Conference team in Detroit. It really is an unfortunate change of scenery for him.

The Knicks would give him back the spotlight of being in a big market, while Dallas would provide him a winning situation and a reunion with DeAndre Jordan.

We'll see soon enough how accurate this report is. Maybe the Pistons are better off trading everyone and starting over anyway if things don't improve.