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NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Can Create The Supernova Offense: The Big 4

NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Can Create The Supernova Offense: The Big 4

The Boston Celtics are currently 15-15 and have landed themselves at the 6th seed in the Western Conference. After getting to the Eastern Conference Finals during the Orlando bubble, they have struggled this season, having a mediocre record nearing the middle of the season. What the Boston Celtics eventually want is a championship, and right now, they aren't a championship-caliber team.

One of the ways that the Boston Celtics can get better is via a trade. Danny Ainge could see the need to shake up the roster and possibly make some improvements. One of the teams that could be a trade partner for the Boston Celtics is the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves are stuck at the bottom of the standings in the Western Conference and could elect to start anew, trading away their stars for the future. Here is a potential trade package between the two teams.

Boston Celtics Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns, D'Angelo Russell

Minnesota Timberwolves Receive: Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, Grant Williams, 2021 first-round pick, 2022 first-round pick, 2021 second-round draft pick from Oklahoma City, 2023 second-round draft pick from Dallas, Miami or Houston

Minnesota Timberwolves Tear It All Down

The Minnesota Timberwolves have only been to the playoffs once in the last 17 years. The last time they were in the playoffs, they had Jimmy Butler. Karl-Anthony Towns is a talented center who has been stuck on a losing team for years: perhaps he could want a fresh start on a team where he can consistently play in the playoffs. D'Angelo Russell is close friends with Towns, so perhaps they could get traded together. As the Minnesota Timberwolves would be trading away two stars, they would get a huge trade package in return. They would be able to fully embrace a new era.

The Timberwolves would receive an immense amount of assets for two young stars. The Boston Celtics would have to give up a combination of established players and younger prospects, as well as a huge offering of picks. Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart would be the key veteran players being offered in this deal. Kemba Walker is a former All-Star who is known as an electric scorer who can quickly get to the rim or pull up for a jumper. Kemba Walker is somebody who can bring a consistent presence to the offense while filling an important leadership role. Marcus Smart is probably in contention for being the best defensive guard in the league. They are two solid veterans that can be leaders in a younger locker room.

Robert Williams would slot in immediately to the starter position at center for the Timberwolves. He is an athletic rim protector who is also quick enough to guard some shots on the perimeter. Payton Pritchard has been a fundamentally solid rookie who shoots 38.1% from the 3PT range and looks like he is a sniper with some ability to run the offense. Aaron Nesmith was a great shooter in college and could show that skill set on a team where he would get more minutes. Grant Williams is a multi-positional defender who shoots 41.5% from the 3PT range. All of these prospects would intrigue the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the picks might just push this trade over the finish line. This is a solid package for two stars.

The Boston Celtics Create An Unstoppable Offense

The Boston Celtics need to shake things up. They have two solid wing superstars in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. They are both elite players who can do everything on the court. A lot of times, teams must trade young prospects and pick for win-now moves in order to win a championship. This would be a move of that caliber. While some people may call this unrealistic, it was only a few seasons ago when the Los Angeles Clippers pulled off a blockbuster trade for Paul George, which in turn helped them land Kawhi Leonard. Star movement is on the rise in this league, and the Boston Celtics have always been a prime destination for stars. The Celtics also have a lot of young prospects, making the prospect of trading for a star way easier.

This would be a unique opportunity for Karl Anthony-Towns and D'Angelo Russell to create an elite offensive superteam. The Boston Celtics would be unstoppable on the offensive end, as almost every position would be filled with elite offensive players. The Golden State Warriors have proven that the superteam formula works when trying to win a championship: the Boston Celtics follow that same blueprint. D'Angelo Russell gives the Celtics a point guard who fits their timeline, while Karl Anthony-Towns gives them the dominant center that they've been missing. This potential superteam would easily be a Finals contender, with a real chance to win it all.

The Boston Celtics Build For The Now And The Future

The Brooklyn Nets recently made a blockbuster trade for James Harden, becoming the new favorites to make it out of the Eastern Conference. The Boston Celtics would have an opportunity to match the star power on the Brooklyn Nets by doing this blockbuster trade. This trade is good for the present, as the Boston Celtics would be able to compete with any team in the playoffs.

While this trade has immediate benefits, it would also have a solid outlook. The Boston Celtics would have 4 young All-Star caliber players on long-term contracts. That core builds itself: the only worry that the Celtics would then have is surrounding them with solid veterans, but that is easier than getting 4 All-Stars on the same team. The Boston Celtics could shake up their roster in a dramatic fashion with this trade, but it would be a sound trade overall.


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