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NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Can Land Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker Boston Celtics

The championship window for the Boston Celtics is currently open with the franchise a massive chance of winning the Eastern Conference Final this up and coming season. However, a possible trade with the Charlotte Hornets may be just the lift they need to really contend for that elusive eighteenth title.

According to Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report, the Hornets could possibly offer up Kemba Walker to the Celtics for Terry Rozier.

“What if Boston just swapped Rozier and filler for Kemba Walker? Walker will only make $12 million this season, which isn’t so far removed from Rozier’s $3 million figure. it won’t be hard to bridge the gap and make the deal work under the CBA. This way, Charlotte gets a young point guard it can keep (for much less than the near-max Walker is likely to get) and build around. Rozier’s exceptionally confident, and his playoff showing in 2018 suggests he’s not going to be content as a backup in Boston forever. This gives him a chance to shine.”

The deal that may happen before the NBA Trade Deadline next February, could be a win-win deal for both franchises. The Hornets may have had some improvements to their roster this off-season but they still may not be in playoffs contention. By trading Walker for Rozier, they would be spending less money on the younger star and be basing the new team around him.

This would give Rozier a much better chance to shine as he is currently in a very strong Celtics outfit that has him competing for court time against All-Stars such as Kyrie Irving. Rozier had a very strong playoffs outing this year which has put him on notice from competing teams.

Both clubs have plenty to prove this season with the Eastern Conference looking much less dangerous now that LeBron is heading to L.A.