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NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram Is Not Happy In Los Angeles

Brandon Ingram

Things are pretty rough in Lakerland... to put it kindly. The team is being mauled by the media on a daily basis, the constant trade rumors have torn the locker room apart, and the team has failed to reach expectations even after acquiring the best player in the world.

Brandon Ingram was here before all the mess, but he has to deal with it just like the rest. For him, it may be more than he can handle.

In a report by ESPN's Stephen a Smith, Ingram apparently wants out.

"You're hearing noise now that Brandon Ingram is not happy and that his father is talking to folks..."

Ingram is an essential piece of the Lakers' young core. Coming out of college, he drew comparisons to Kevin Durant. And while his development has been somewhat slow, many are still predicting he can be a valuable NBA star.

If he's no happy, it's something the Lakers probably aren't too worried about anyway. They've already used him as a trade chip several times this season.

About where he'll end up to, and who he'll get traded for, however, is an entirely different matter... one we'll have to wait to find out. But as the Lakers close out this abysmal season, let's remember that not everyone is willing to go down with the sinking ship.