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NBA Rumors: Bulls, Suns, Magic Have Interest In Jrue Holiday

(via Shreveport Times)

(via Shreveport Times)

With Anthony Davis' departure imminent, the Pelicans are set for a big rebuild this summer.

As a borderline All-Star point guard, Jrue Holiday finds himself in the crosshairs of the rebuild, and his move might be intertwined with Davis'.

According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, the Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, and Orlando Magic would have interest in acquiring him should he be made available this July. But, as Deveney points out, new Pelicans' VP of Basketball David Griffin is planning to keep Holiday around -- at least, for now.

He called point guard Jrue Holiday, who averaged 21.2 points, 7.7 assists, and 5.0 rebounds this season, a franchise building block. And it's that last one that could, in the end, have the biggest impact league-wide. Because while Gentry coming back is not a shock and the Davis situation is unlikely to be much changed by a face-to-face meeting, if the Pelicans don't trade Holiday, it will set up the team for an attempt at a fast turnaround rather than a long, slogging rebuild.

It will also frustrate teams looking for a versatile point guard in his prime, hoping that Holiday would be on the block. League sources say the Suns are considered a top contender should Holiday be made available, the ideal fit for a team badly in need of a multifaceted veteran at the point.

But Orlando would have interest, too, as would Chicago - though Holiday's brother, Justin, did not have a sterling experience with the Bulls this season before being traded to the Grizzlies.

Keeping Holiday would signal a short turnaround for the team following the Davis trade. B8t if given the right situation, Griffin could elect to go all-in on new pieces, leaving Jrue the next man up to be dealt.

He would work with any of those teams, they all need a point guard. Only the one that offers the most complete package, though, will be able to acquire him.