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NBA Rumors: Cavs Will Only Trade Kevin Love For Significant Offer

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

Earlier this month, Kevin Love expressed his desire to remain with the Cavs. Today, the team is expressing mutual feelings towards their All-Star big man.

(via Chris Fedor of

“The Cavs’ stance on Love hasn’t changed. If the right trade offer comes they will certainly consider it. But according to sources, the Cavs have to be ‘blown away’ with a package combining players and picks. While the phone continues to ring — other executives trying to pry away the Cavs’ cornerstone — the organization places great value, both in the short and long term, on Love’s far-reaching impact on the youngsters.”

The Cavs clearly value Love's impact on the team and their young stars. While Fedor does not go into specifics on what kinds of players Cleveland would be looking for in an ideal package, but the price tag would obviously be very high.

Kevin Love is a 5x All-Star, 2x All-NBA player, and 2016 NBA Champion. He has been with the Cavaliers since 2016 and is one of the few happily remaining members of their Championship days from a few years ago. Last season was a struggle, in that Love missed a total of 60 games due to injury concerns.

They hope he can return strong this upcoming season and make a lasting impression on his young teammates.