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NBA Rumors: Cavs Will Only Trade Kevin Love For Young Players, Draft Picks

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are loaded with young assets. Colin Sexton, Larry Nance, and Darius Garland are just a few names that Cleveland is leaning on to usher in their next era of basketball.

In the middle of this youth movement is Kevin Love, who has never looked so out of place in his 5-year tenure with the Cavs.

The injury-riddled 30-year-old big guy is still more than capable of regaining his All-Star form, so long as he finds a way out of a franchise that has him dusting on the shelves. But as much as Love may want out, the Cavs are not as eager to see him gone.

But according to Chris Fedor of, the team does not intend to let him walk for cheap.

Are the Cavs really going to keep Love? Shouldn't they explore deals that will accelerate their rebuild?

The answer still hasn’t changed. While it’s not wise to use the never term in this ever-changing league, the Cavs don’t want to trade Love. No, there aren’t any untouchables on this roster. Prized rookie Darius Garland would be the closest to that. If the Cavs are blown away by a Love offer and receive the package that meets their demands then, of course, they would consider it. It would be foolish not to. According to sources, the Cavs would want some combination of young players and draft picks. Not one or the other. Both. 

There’s something else to consider: Love is coming off a bad year, which has raised questions about his value. Not in Cleveland. Elsewhere around the league.

The Cavaliers are seeking one thing in return for Love: their future. A border-line All-Star veteran will not get it done; it will take only an overwhelming package of young players and draft picks to win over the franchise.

So far, questions about Love's health and aging game have made teams reluctant to meet Cleveland's demands. Yet, with the NBA's landscape changing by the week, there might just be a team willing to take the risk before it is all said and done.