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NBA Rumors: Celtics Refusing To Directly Include Jayson Tatum In Trade Talks

Jayson Tatum

The key to Anthony Davis is Jayson Tatum, a player who the Pelicans have long coveted. Since A.D.'s trade request went public last week, the Pelicans have resisted all trade offers for the hope of acquiring the young Boston star in the summer.

And in a call made regarding between the two teams, the Pelicans assumed that no Celtics player (outside of Kyrie) was off the table as long as they waited past the February 7th trade deadline. Despite this assumption by the Pels, Tatum's availability might not be as open as they think.

“As the Pelicans field offers for Anthony Davis, Boston’s message to New Orleans has been direct: Wait. Wait, and we will come to you with an offer that will make it worth it," writes Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. "Wait, and you can raid our stash of draft picks. The Celtics have refused to directly dangle Jayson Tatum, two sources familiar with the situation told, but the Pelicans have been left with the impression that if Davis remains on the roster past Thursday, nothing is off the table.”

It's no secret the Celtics have been adamant in keeping Jayson Tatum since they acquired him in the draft in 2017. Plus, because the Celtics weren't on Davis' list of preferred destination, they risk losing Davis next summer anyway when he's due to hit free agency. Are they really willing to give up their most promising young player in Tatum, and multiple first-round picks, for a guy that might leave after one season? Even if they are, how can the Pelicans be so sure they won't change their minds in the summer?

The Lakers recently made a monster off to New Orleans for Davis, one that they rejected because of their liking toward Tatum. If his availability is still in question, they might seriously think about taking what Magic Johnson is offering right now.