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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Could Get John Collins For P. J. Washington And Two Future Picks

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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Could Acquire John Collins For P. J. Washington, And Two Future Picks

The Charlotte Hornets are in a solid position in the Eastern Conference, currently sitting at 6th seed with an 18-18 record. While they are currently a playoff seed, their roster could use a boost to further improve their record, and maintain their position in the standings. They have a solid core with Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier, and LaMelo Ball: but they could use an elite big man in order to complete their team.

One of the players that could be a potential target is John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks. John Collins notably refused an extension from the Hawks before the start of the season, meaning that he could be traded prior to the deadline. John Collins would command a solid offer from the Charlotte Hornets: here is a potential trade package.

Charlotte Hornets Receive: John Collins

Atlanta Hawks Receive: P. J. Washington, two future first-round picks

The Atlanta Hawks Get An Exciting Power Forward

P. J. Washington is the clear-cut centerpiece of this deal. Washington notably made the 2019-20 All-Rookie team. While he is not as good of a player as Collins, they can both do similar things on the court. P. J. Washington is currently averaging 12.7 PPG, 6.4 RPG, and 2.9 APG. Those numbers are solid for a player that isn't even the third option on offense. P. J. Washington could thrive in a bigger role. He is an athletic forward who is an elite slasher and lob threat: but he can also shoot the ball from range, averaging 38.9% from 3PT range. He is a great player who has thrived next to an elite passer in LaMelo Ball: he could do the same with Trae Young.

P. J. Washington has been good in a smaller role, but he is ready for more offensive touches. The Atlanta Hawks are a team that could give him those touches, and let him become an even better player. While P. J. Washington by himself wouldn't be enough to get John Collins, two unprotected first-round picks should push this deal over the line. The Charlotte Hornets would be offering up a premier prospect along with two picks for the future: this deal would give the Hawks an immediate replacement for Collins while giving the Hawks more picks to continue building around Trae Young.

The Charlotte Hornets Move For A Star

John Collins is one of the league's premier young big men. He has bionic athleticism, as well as a lot of skill offensively, being able to score inside while also scoring from the perimeter. John Collins could be a great fit on the Charlotte Hornets, and he could easily develop amazing chemistry with a passer like LaMelo Ball. John Collins managed to average 21.6 PPG and 10.1 RPG during the 2019-20 season. His numbers are down this season, but that can be attributed to the Hawks acquiring other offensive weapons such as Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari. If he gets to be the primary big man on a team, then his numbers will absolutely go up.

John Collins could be the missing piece for the Charlotte Hornets. They need a big man who can be a consistent offensive presence while also requiring more star power to get onto the level of a contending team. John Collins would fulfill the Hornets' needs. Collins would give them a player that they could develop for the future while also contributing on both ends of the floor in the present. To make this trade happen, the Charlotte Hornets would have to be sure that Collins would stay in Charlotte. If Collins were willing to re-sign with the Charlotte Hornets after the potential trade, then this offer would be a no-brainer for both teams.


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