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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Hornets Could Land Russell Westbrook For Nicolas Batum, Devonte' Graham And Cody Zeller

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Russell Westbrook is Michael Jordan's favorite player. The reason is simple, the man plays hard every night and has a killer will similar to Jordan in his playing days. Unfortunately, Westbrook is not as talented as Jordan and certainly not as efficient. Still, Russ is one of the best point guards in the NBA because he has the athleticism and a versatile game to dominate both ends of the floor when focused.

There is a chance that Michael Jordan, the very picky owner that he is, gets to have his dream come true and watch Westbrook play every night in the Charlotte Hornets uniform. By striking a Blockbuster deal with Houston, the Hornets can acquire superstar point guard Russell Westbrook.

Trade Package: Nicolas Batum, Devonte' Graham, and Cody Zeller for Russell Westbrook

Rockets Acquire Three Key Pieces

Nicolas Batum has been high on Houston's list for a while now. He is the perfect wing player in today's game thanks to his ability to defend the perimeter and also score from outside. Batum would have certainly helped the Houston Rockets in this year's Playoffs, as they needed help throwing bodies at the likes of LeBron James and even Lougenz Dort. Batum gives the Rockets what Trevor Ariza gave, in terms of a versatile forward although Batum is a better playmaker and rebounder.

Cody Zeller finally gives the Rockets a capable center who can run the floor, finish in the paint, and add size around the rim. Zeller is a really good role player and can mimic a lot of what Clint Capela brought to Houston. Devonte' Graham, Most Improved Player of the Year contender, adds a very good guard to pair James Harden in the backcourt. The defense won't be that intimidating, but Graham had a career season averaging 18.2 PPG and 7.5 APG as arguably the best player on the Hornets this year.

Harden and Graham can be the primary scorers and playmakers, while Batum joins Covington and Gordon as 3-and-D threats every night. Zeller can play major minutes at the center spot to help the Rockets inside. To get out of Westbrook's massive contract, this could work for Houston. Batum has a player's option in his contract so most likely he will opt-in which makes this deal very possible and reasonable for the Houston Rockets.

Michael Jordan Gets His Favorite Player In The League

The Blockbuster deal benefits Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets the most. The Hornets are absolutely starved of superstar talent, especially since they lost Kemba Walker to Free Agency. Charlotte play hard like an NBA team should, but they lack that one true star to make headlines and sell out seats. If there is a player in the league who does that at a high level, it's Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook had a monster year again, averaging 27.2 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 7.0 APG while shooting a nice 47.2% from the field. Clearly, Russ is one of the top-five point guards in the league and that isn't changing anytime soon. Westbrook can come in, handle the ball for the Hornets, and be the primary scorer. For Russ, he probably wouldn't mind repeating his great years with the OKC Thunder yet again. Jordan and Westbrook can set a team culture that is dedicated to playing hard, giving everything to the game, and not leaving a drop of energy left.

Michael Jordan has to be as great of an owner as he was a player, but he can make the right moves in acquiring a superstar like Russell Westbrook. Unfortunately for MJ, top free agents probably won't be signing for Charlotte anytime soon so this is a deal that they can strike to get a big name. Jordan is an ultra competitor and winner, and getting Westbrook's signature might light another fire in the legend's belly to acquire more talent.


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