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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Could Acquire Buddy Hield For Coby White, Luke Kornet, And Thaddeus Young

NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Could Acquire Buddy Hield For Coby White, Thaddeus Young, and Luke Kornet

The Chicago Bulls are in need of a star to help Zach LaVine out this season. They are currently 10-14 in the Eastern Conference and could use a consistent scorer to shoulder some of the offensive load. The Bulls have a solid young duo with Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine, and having a third player who is elite on the offensive end could push this Chicago Bulls team to the next level.

Buddy Hield could be a player that would fit with what the Chicago Bulls are building. The Sacramento Kings are 10th in the Western Conference, and Buddy Hield is someone that could be traded in order to make a play for the future. A potential trade package between the two teams would look something like this:

Chicago Bulls Receive: Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings Receive: Coby White, Luke Kornet, Thaddeus Young

The Sacramento Kings Gain An Exciting Prospect

The Sacramento Kings already have an elite point guard in De'Aaron Fox, and he is only 23. The Kings have some time to build a team around him. This tandem of Hield and Fox hasn't been able to make any noise in the Western Conference for the last few years. They could elect to shake it up, and go all-in on development. Coby White is the Bulls' young player that would headline this deal. Coby White is a big combo guard who is athletic while being able to shoot the ball. His shoot first-mentality could be important in replacing Buddy Hield's role for the Sacramento Kings, and his size should allow White to guard bigger players on the defensive end.

Thaddeus Young is a solid veteran who could help any team. He plays good defense and provides quality leadership in the locker room. Luke Kornet is a player that could be added to the deal because he was a solid role player during his New York days when given the minutes. The appeal for the Sacramento Kings would be mostly to get a young player who fits their timeline, and Coby White could be the guy that they take on.

The Chicago Bulls Add A Consistent Scorer

Buddy Hield could be a great fit next to Zach LaVine. Hield is a guard who is elite at creating from the perimeter, and provides consistent 3PT shooting, being a former 3PT champion. He could use a change of scenery from Sacramento, and Chicago could be a place where he thrives. Buddy Hield could bounce back to form when he plays with a better offensive team than the Kings. Billy Donovan is okay with his players shooting a lot of outside shots, which is beneficial to Buddy Hield's style. Buddy Hield can play on and off-ball and is a perfect fit next to a star like Zach LaVine.

Buddy Hield would be a great tertiary scorer behind Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine. LaVine would be a win-now piece, but he could be worth it because it seems like the Bulls are a piece away from making the playoffs. If Hield were to go to the Bulls, they would have the potential to surprise many teams they would compete against, and possibly make the second round. Hield would play a primary role in the development of the Bulls for the next few years. This trade would be amazing to center their offense on Zach LaVine, and Hield's consistent floor spacing and movement on the floor would be beneficial to the team's flow on that end.


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