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NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Wants Out Of Houston

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

In a big blockbuster deal, Anthony Davis was finally traded from the New Orleans Pelicans. Could Chris Paul be next?

Chris Paul joined the Rockets back in 2017 in order to forge his way to a Championship. Though he and James Harden got tantalizingly close a few times, they were never able to close the deal. To make matters worse, the relationship between the two stars appears to have crumbled in recent weeks.

At 34-years-old, CP3 wants out. Here is Stephen A talking with Brian Windhorst on his radio show on Friday:

"In the end, it's this: With Kevin Durant out, with Klay Thompson out for most of the season, one could argue the Houston Rockets now have a window to get to the NBA Finals," Smith said. "But you're also hearing Chris Paul wants out, Chris Paul wouldn't mind going somewhere else, preferably LA, maybe, we don't know, with LeBron. We don't know. But you're hearing he wants out."

Obviously, the L.A. suggestion was dropped before the Anthony Davis trade. Now that they finally have a young star next to James, it seems unlikely they would trade what little assets they have left for an aged Chris Paul.

Μaybe Paul and Harden are better off working out their differences? With Kawhi likely to stay in Toronto and Golden State losing its best players for a full season, the West has never been so wide open. If there was ever a time for the Rockets to give it just one last go, it would be now.