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NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Would Need To Decline $44 Million Player Option To Facilitate Trade To Heat

NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Would Need To Decline $44 Million Player Option To Facilitate Trade To Heat

Everybody is monitoring the situation between Chris Paul and his new team, the Oklahoma City Thunder since both parties are unlikely to meet each other’s necessities at this very moment.

The Thunder have just started their rebuild process after trading Paul George and Russell Westbrook this offseason and a veteran player like CP3 isn’t quite exactly what they’re looking for right now.

The All-Star point guard, who landed in OKC in exchange for Westbrook, surely doesn’t want to play with a team that is starting its rebuilding process, either. Paul is interested in playing in a better team next season, but nobody knows which one it’s going to be.

According to Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, the Miami Heat are a possible destination for CP3, but they wanted draft picks to take on the three years and $124,076,442 remaining on Paul’s contract. Obviously, OKC doesn’t think that’s a fair price to pay to part ways with the veteran.

Nevertheless, the two franchises could reach an agreement if Paul’s contract was $44 million cheaper and one year shorter in South Beach.

This report reinforced what Brian Windhorst of ESPN recently said:

“The other thing I heard was that it was basically, if Chris wanted to get traded to the Heat now, he would maybe have had to been willing to decline his player option.”

Anybody in his position would prefer to go to Miami than to stay in Oklahoma City, but Miami wouldn’t have a huge improvement with CP3 on the roster. Meanwhile, keeping his talents with the Thunder would maintain that $44 million-plus guaranteed.

He will enter the free agency in 2021, but he will be 36 at that time and nobody will offer him a new multi-year deal with the amount of money he’s set to receive now. The only way he gets to keep those numbers intact is if he doesn’t touch his player option and everything points out that's what will happen.

There were rumors of Paul joining LeBron in Los Angeles with a potential buyout from the Thunder, but now those rumors have vanished. The veteran guard looks set to stay right where he is and run down his contract.